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If you are a fan of Terrace House now is the perfect time to indulge yourself in the latest season of Opening New Doors. If not, let us introduce you to this wonderful Japanese show!

What is Terrace House?

Terrace House is a Japanese reality show starring young adolescents who move into a grande house together and become roommates. Most of them are in the midst of studying or working or will try to find success overseas (in later seasons). The camera follows their daily lives and the interaction in the house and is bound to catch anything interesting like a romantic date or a heated debate. One episode usually covers one week of activities and is covered with commentary from the studio cast in a comfortable living room set. You’ll definitely feel some warmth for each and every member at Terrace House!

New season: Opening New Doors

This season is set in Karuizawa, Japan. In the cold season it’s a perfect spot for outdoor activities: winter sports and hot springs! Six new members are joining the new household and we as a viewer get a glimpse of their personalities in the first episode.

Main cast

Name Terrace House Title







Yuudai Arai

aspiring chef






Ami Komuro
university student






Shion Okamoto






Tsubasa Sato
ice hockey player







Mizuki Haruta

freelance writer / interpreter






Takayuki Nakamura
professional snowboarder

The story is slow paced with everyone still trying to find their place in the house and getting to know each other. That is the charm of this show: whereas other shows would hate to be labeled as ‘slow-paced’ it is exactly what makes Terrace House a great success. A laid-back, relaxing yet very entertaining show to watch. The studio cast playfully reveal their commentary with You and Tokui insinuating romantic jokes, as usual, about some of the members.




Compared to other seasons, this season will surprise you as it unfolds with one member in particular grasping your attention for getting into awkward situations time after time again. I’m talking about our youngest Yuudai who has trouble reading the other members thoughts and moods. The lively puppy (as he proclaimed himself) doesn’t withhold himself while talking and more often than not, creating painful and awkward situations in the house. He’s definitely interested in the beautiful Ami as they are closest in age and she’s the easiest to talk to. They agree to go on a date together, but when this turns out to be a disaster the other members are greatly concerned over their youngest member. Having been scolded numerous times and told upon, how will this all turn out for the new Terrace House family?

At the same time we see a love interest growing between Tsubasa and Shion. Their mutual interest for sport activities make them a great match. Even though Tsubasa feels some distance to the group because of her busy work schedule and shy nature, Shion comforts her every time and makes great effort to involve her in and out of the house. Shion is showing his charms as a gentleman, but is Tsubasa really interested in him as more than a friend?

The oldest in the house, Taka, is working hard on his career as a professional snowboarder and the snowboard apparel sale in order to make his family proud. We see him having deep conversations with Yuudai, sharing the hardship of being successful and independent. Despite his efforts to bluntly tell Yuudai how to behave, nothing has changed and he continues to be worried for him. Taka has revealed to have an interest in Ami too, but so far he has been cautious with his moves.

Mizuki is busy with her blog writing. She occasionally writes articles on Korean cosmetics to be introduced in Japan. Towards the end of this season we see her ex-boyfriend reaching out to her and flying to Japan to see her. There is something going on between the two of them…


Predictions for part 2

For the second part of this season I definitely hope to see a change of heart for Yuudai. When talking to his friends in the last episode, it seems reality has kicked in. He will most probably leave the show, but I hope his dreams and motivation of becoming a chef will not disappear with him.

If Yuudai were to really leave the show at some point, Taka should take his chance with Ami. Their compatibility is much better and surely she is looking for someone more mature. They have an age difference but I’m positive they are able to overcome this. Taka has given her great advice before and Ami can really use some good guidance at this point in her life.

With a lot of others, I’m rooting for a Tsubasa-Shion couple! Somehow, I think it will not go as expected and Tsubasa will hold him off for some reason. She seems doubtful in some situations even when Shion is as perfect as can be for her. Perhaps her goal for coming on this show is just to find great friendships instead of love.

Lastly, the show wouldn’t be complete without a guest appearance. Most likely it will be someone to stir up the mood in the house like Seina when she visited Hawaï or it could be one of the previous cast members from the Aloha State! Season.

What are your thoughts and/or predictions for this season? Share them with us!

Source and photos: Fuji Telivision Japan.
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