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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Can you believe it has been 10 years since SHINee’s debut? The first sounds of Noona Neomu Yeppeo feel like they just hit yesterday. Ever since 2008 the quintet have shown us their undeniable multi-talents. Let’s check back on some memorable moments during their journey in the entertainment business.

Shinee’s debut in 2008

With SHINee’s first introduction to the world with Replay (Noona Neomu Yeppeo), fans had gathered quickly. SM Entertainment described them as a contemporary R&B group as well as trendsetters in the music and fashion industry. Since then they’ve experimented with lots of genre and also their appearances changed from time to time. Remember the iconic bowl-cut hair Taemin debuted with?!

Ring Ding Dong 2009

With the Year of Us album (arguably the BEST album in kpop history), Ring Ding Dong was born and took the world by storm. With catchy lyrics and the popular choreography, many have attempted to cover this song. Fantastic, Elastic era if you ask me.

Appearance in Hello Baby 2010

SHINee’s appearance on Hello Baby became an instant hit. Baby Yoogeun stole their hearts by using his cute aegyo (cute behaviour) to escape from chores and often danced together with the members. Even after the show had ended, Yoogeun has frequently interacted with the SHINee members through live videos and feeds. On a sad note it has been published that the now 11-year old Yoogeun has cried himself to sleep upon hearing the new of the passing of Jonghyun in late 2017. We feel you sweatheart :'(

Shinee Daesang win 2013

SHINee wins their first Artist of the Year Award in 2013! As per usual, Jonghyun break down into tears but the other members are also not safe. They’ve worked hard to get to this place and still seize prizes with much competition around.

Minho Dibidibidi’s back in 2015

Better than ever, Minho strikes again with his dibidibidi rap. Instead of embarassed he’s fiercer than ever. You kinda have to when you are dubbed Fiery Charisma Minho.

Story of Light comeback 2018

With the passing of Jonghyun on December 18 2017, SHINee was left with 4 members. After several months they are pursuing their career as a SHINee band and announced their comeback close to their original debute date (May 28, 2018). Shawols will be excited once more with another full-lenght album which will have a total of three parts.

Ten years full of memories. Ofcourse there are many, many more memories we have of SHINee. What are some of your best memories as a Shawol? Leave your comments below!
Let’s cheer on them again and support SHINee!

Source images: SM Entertainment.

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