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Monday, November 30, 2020

Pick me pick me~~!! Our favorite Idol making show is back! In the Chinese adaptation of Produce 101, we get to see 101 female trainees contest for their spot in an girl idol group. Which trainees are able to grab our hearts and gain enough online votes to succeed?


Produce 101

The original Produce 101 is a South Korean TV Show with 101 trainees who will battle to get to the top 11 in order to form a new kpop girl or boy group. Contestants will receive their ultimate rankings from the audience. Meanwhile the judge panel will act as their mentor during extensive training sessions. Contestants are put to the test with singing, rapping and dancing abilities. Successful formations of earlier seasons have resulted in the girl group I.O.I. and boy group Wanna One. The winning trainees from top 11 will all debut and perform activities as a group for roughly 1 year.

Meet the judges

With 6 experts in entertainment the trainees can learn a lot. This is paired with lots of sweat, tears and hardship but their efforts are paid every episode. Let’s meet the mentors who are providing all their guidance.

First up is the host of the show a.k.a. the Nations Producer Tao, known as a formely EXO member. His most remarkable moment on the show is his outburst when one of the trainees fell and injured herself during a contest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the snippet below.

Mentor Tiger Hu (also known as Anson Hu) is a well known singer-song writer in mainland China. He has much  knowledge of songwriting and music compositioning. In fact, he debuted at the age of 18 with his R&B album 文武雙全 (Civil and Military Skills) and has won various awards since.

Singer Jason Zhang made his debut through the competition My Show in 2004 which he also won. Since then he has made some remarkable prints in the music industry. He performed a pop-rock song mixed with a classic Yue opera song, called ‘Sister Lin Fallen From Heaven‘. Jason has proven ready to be a world star with his latest hit Pretty White Lies which was released in May 2018.

If you have listened to the band S.H.E before, then Ella Chen is no stranger to you. Her talent lies in vocals, but she’s also a known actress and played in several drama’s such as Hana Kimi and the Lying Game. She has also played a few roles in movies such as Lucky Star and the Missing Piece.

Show Lo or Xiao Zhu, is known for singing, dancing and acting as well. Next to Produce 101 he is also on Go Fighting! and Street Dance of China. He is said to be preparing for marriage with his girlfriend Grace Chow in September of this year!

Wang Yibo, together with Show Lo forms the dance mentor team. He is a member of the Korean-Chinese boyband Uniq where he holds the role of dancer and rapper. His acting career took ground with Unexpected Love and Love Actually in 2017.

Contestants with high popularity

With 101 other contestants battling for the audiences vote, it can be hard to earn your momentum on television. Here are some of the current most popular contestants on the show.

Yamy (郭颖)
Trainee under JC Universe Entertainment. Her specialty is rap and is often compared to many idols. Yamy has competed in Rap of China as well.

Mimi Lee/Li Ziting (李紫婷)
Mimi has contested before in the Voice of Thailand. On the show she is praised for hitting high notes. She is currently signed under the company Huaying Yixing.

Meng Mei Qi (孟美岐)
Mei Qi is a member of the girl group WJSN, also called Cosmic Girls which is a Korean-Chinese group signed under Starship and Yuehua entertainment. She is known for her sexy show appearance.

Wu Xuanyi (吴宣仪)
Another member from Cosmic Girls who gained momentum on the show: Xuan Yi. In Cosmic Girls we know her as lead dancer and sub-vocalist. She is also part of the sub-unit group Joy together with Eunseo and Yeoreum.

Qiang Dongyue (强东玥)
Dongyue is a trainee under Banana Entertainment. She has participated in several singing and modeling competitions and earned a spot in the top 20 of China big-eyed goddess election.

Sunnee Yang (杨芸晴)
We know Sunnee as the striking blonde girl with short hair. She is half Thai/Taiwanese and member of Thai group A’N’D. She is a fan of EXO’s TAO and got pulled up to the stage when she attended the concert.

Are you following the show or got excited after reading about Produce 101 China? To watch the show with English subtitles I’d like to refer you all to this channel who work very hard to provide the episodes and subtitles for all the international fans. Make sure to follow their pages too so you’ll be notified of any new content and support the team!

Follow the Produce 101 China Subs team:



Source: Naver, Tencent, Cosmic Girls WJSN 2

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