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Sunday, November 29, 2020

One thing I really miss from Japan are the crane games but some time ago I found a way to ease the pain: Toreba. It’s a game in which you control a crane game in real time somewhere in Japan. And when you win a prize it will be send to your home. Can you trust it? Actually… Yes, you can trust it!

First of all Toreba can be played online but also on iPhone and Android (download the APK). This makes it very accessible for everyone. Toreba isn’t completely free and it all depends on how much you spend of course. For $5 you get 5000 TP, with these TP you can play all kind of crane games. The price of 1 gameplay can be different, I’ve seen games for only 1000 TP but also for 2500. You can buy your TP with MasterCard or PayPal.

But there are also ways to play for free, Toreba has a lot of interesting campaigns. For example if you register your email you’ll get 5 plays for free. And last July and August they had a special summer campaign in which you got a free play everyday. Thanks to this you can win prizes for free if you’re lucky enough.

The controls itself are simple, I’ll explain the Android instructions. Just like a crane game in real life you have 2 buttons to move, most of the time one button goes to the right and the other one forwards. You won’t see the buttons at the same time, the second button appears once you finished the first button. To move the catcher in the direction you want you have to push the button and hold it (touch the screen and don’t let go) until you are in the spot you want, then you have to stop pushing the button. (Stop touching the screen!) After you used both buttons the catcher will fall down automatically and will try to grab your desired item for you.

Let’s say you won something, what will happen? Your prize will be registered into your account, this may take some time. In the worst case it will take an hour before it appears in your account. The prize will be saved for 2 weeks, after that it will be cancelled. Each week you’ll have 1 free shipment, the method of shipping will be EMS. If you won more prizes you can let them ship together in that 1 shipment. So convenient!

After you requested shipping it will take about a week before they ship it and then within another week you will receive your package. Until now I won a total of 3 prizes, 2 of them with a small amount of TP and 1 with a free play. Also Saetori admin Marjoleine won 2 adorable cuties which are shown below!

Please don’t be mad if you don’t win something at the first try. It’s a game after all and you need practice and a bit of luck. Most people get a prize between 10~20 tries. With this information you are ready to try out Toreba, good luck and have fun!

Where to download/install

Toreba website
Toreba on Google Play
Toreba on Itunes store

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