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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

In December 2018 the newest version of the Super Smash Brothers games (which is the very last one) was released, as a big fan myself I had to buy it. Is this version really “best for last?” Let’s find out!

Super Smash Bros has actually a really easy concept: finding out who the strongest fighter is by knocking out the others. (Which means punching the others off the platform) It’s easier said because to beat the strongest you have to know how to play it and know the tricks. One of the things to watch out for is your damage percentage, the more damage you have the easier it is to be blast into the sky. Luckily you can adjust the level of the CPU, sadly you can’t do that with your friends because I doubt they will go easy on you. This game can be played up to 8 players, a great opportunity for a gamenight or a tournament on conventions.

Many players means also many fighters to choose from, with about 70 fighters (and counting because of DLC) there is one for everyone. Sadly you don’t start with that many fighters, in Smash mode you only with the original 12 from the Nintendo 64 version which include big names like Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Pikachu and Fox. There are several ways to unlock them, one of them is to complete the World of Light

World of Light
The absence of a story mode in the Wii U game made a lot of fans disappointed but Nintendo listened and this mode has returned! In this “spirits” mode the fighters have to beat Galeem, the creator of light. Unfortunately the fighters vanish and the end of the world looks near but Kirby somehow manages to escape. This is the point where your adventure starts, you can’t defeat Galeem alone and you have to awake the other fighters.

To find them you have to make your way through a very big map in which you beat copies of the fighters. Those copies are possessed by spirits which you can collect and make you stronger. After you managed to defeat Galeem a surprise is waiting for you. It might be not as good as the story mode in Brawl version with lots of cutscenes but the diversity in art styles and puzzles makes it really enjoyable. Be aware that it takes lot of time, I played it for about 25 hours and I still haven’t even finished it…

Online playing
Beside the World of Light there are other modes like Classic Mode, Tournaments and online mode. I’m actually disappointed in the online mode, I admit I don’t have the fastest connection but I don’t have any problems with other games so why is SSBU so slow? The same issues were in previous versions and they didn’t fixed it. Maybe it’s still too much for the console to handle online. It’s sad that the last version of these series has to end with a bad online mode.

Everyone is here!
All in all this is a nice way to end the series, all characters from previous versions are included and also all stages. Everything is optimized, great effects and it is for all ages. This game is still worth your money and as a bonus it comes with a feel of nostalgia for some.

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