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Sunday, November 29, 2020

We already have reviewed a lot of food before but never Japanese instant food so for the first time I want to introduce Nissin Instant Soba to you. The package looked very promising and caught my eye in the supermarket but do you really get what’s on the package?

In the supermarket I went to I could choose from 2 types of packaging: in a cup or just regular packaging, I chose the regular packaging. Next choice I had to make was the taste, they had regular, chili and curry. I’m a big fan of Japanese curry so my choice was made fast.

Noodles, 1 small bag with soysauce mixed with curry spices and 1 small bag with some sort of dried green vegetables

1. Take a pan and fill it with 250ml of water
2. Wait until it cooks and put in the noodles
3. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes
4. Add the sauce when the water almost has evaporated
5. Add the vegetables and mix it all together
6. Time to eat!

I added a little more water than the package said because not all the noodles were covered with water and I waited until it all evaporated. Those noodles aren’t supposed to have a soup.

Overall this meal looks very good, almost like on the package and you can smell a bit of the curry. A thing I was a bit disappointed in were the type of noodles, they don’t like soba noodles at all. The noodles look the same as you get with very cheap instant noodles. The taste however isn’t cheap, most instant noodles have this aftertaste you keep the rest of the day and some make me a bit nausea. This one doesn’t has this which made me really glad. Its taste was a bit like teriyaki sauce mixed with curry and it was not too spicy. I enjoyed this for lunch and the portion was just right, for dinner it’s advisable to eat something small with it. Next time I’ll add some meat and more vegetables, that would probably make it even better than it already is!

Score: 8/10


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