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Monday, November 30, 2020

It’s August and that’s why we want to share information about a really interesting event called “Dordtse Matsuri” which will take place in this month. Matsuri means festival and that is what the organization of the Dordtse Matsuri wants to bring to the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Most Matsuri are celebrated in summer and this is why this Matsuri will take place on a very summery date: August 31st!

All festivities will be held in Bibelot from 11:00-20:00 and they sound promising. There will be a gaming area, lots of stands where you can shop until you drop, demonstrations, workshops, lectures, karaoke (organised by Asgard sings), delicious food and live shows from interesting artists which we will tell you a bit about.

This will be the second time for this band to visit the Netherlands this year, their first time was also in Dordrecht in April. VII ARC is a 5-member German Visual Kei band started in 2014. Over the past few years they have experimented and grown to the great band they are today. “…Harsh metal sounds are performed with passion and devotion in dark fashion and appearance. The lyrics circle around human weaknesses, failures and the depths of inner angst – but also connection to the hopes and dreams we carry inside of ourselves.” So get ready to be blown away!

Dance, beats and epic visuals is what you can expect from this iconic duo but did you know that they are actually not from Earth…
Greetings Earthlings. A long time ago you send human DNA to different galaxies. One missile landed on planet X, also known as Niburu. The human DNA on Niburu evolved into humanoid species. These species raised and developed themselves and they wanted to know their origin. In their journey through space they sent you a signal. You have received but ignored this message. Therefore they came to earth to bring you their message personally. To get a better understanding of your ancient technology, they had to start all over again to experience the evolution of music through time. After the experience and evolution they are ready to spread their message. What better way is there to spread a message than through a speaker. A speaker produces sound, from sound comes music, from music comes harmony, from harmony comes peace. Therefore they only speak music…Let’s see if this message will be heard now!

High Tech Low Life
This Matsuri will also be visited by a band from the future, the year 2069 to be precise. The band traveled back to Okinawa, 2017 and are slowly suiting the current era while trying to tell a message to us. They are going to tell that by their industrial sounds, retro synths with raw instruments on the stage. Their immense energy, sound and visuals will give a glimpse of the future which might be a warning to us all. Let’s hope it’s gonna be alright!


Get your tickets now!
There is so much more at this event and we hope you’re ready to party! Tickets for this special Matsuri are already on sale for only €12,50(!!!) and can be bought here. More details on the festivities can be read on the official website. We are really looking forward to this day and hope to see you all!

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