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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

You probably have heard about cat cafes, maid cafes, butler cafes, vampire cafes but Japan goes even further than that! Themed cafes of your favorite anime and games are getting so big that there are even limited cafes which are fully booked in no time. In a series of 3 blogs I’ll take you to 4 different themed cafes which all worked differently. The second theme I want to explain to you is a cafe that’s not limited as the anime ones but a highly popular: the Pokémon cafe!

The Pokémon cafe is located next to Pokémon center DX Tokyo which is really smart because if people need to wait they can always buy more Pokémon stuff. You can book a seat through their own website reservation system (which is also in English) or go to the cafe on the day itself to reserve a timeslot. As mentioned in our earlier post cafes work with timeslots (mostly 90-minutes) so you don’t stay there all day.


Eating at the Pokémon Cafe

After showing my reservation and passport the waitress explained to me that there are 3 areas so I thought it would be quite big and the areas were obvious seperated but this wasn’t the case. It was just like other cafes, many seats, cute decorations and no seperation. But it did make me a bit confused were my seat was, luckily the staff helped me. A good thing about booking your seat online is that you can order special limited online items which can be found at your table once you arrive. But you can also buy other limited stuff once you check-out.

Since this cafe isn’t limited they have a bigger budget and that’s why there are probably tablets for every table. You could change the language into English or Chinese so it would be easier to understand what you’re actually ordering. At that time there was a limited Detective Pikachu menu but I didn’t took it since the Pikachu omurice looked way more cuter. There was also an option for latte art on your coffee, you could choose 1 design out of the first 151 Pokémon. With each drink you got to play a game on the tablet of the waitress to win a coaster or you could choose for the limited coaster. I chose the limited one which was a Detective Pikachu one.

The Ditto jelly drink I ordered came first and the food came not long after and it all looked really cute. I’m not a big fan of jelly drinks but it tasted pretty good. After taking many photos I took a bite of my food but it was already cooled down a bit. This was a sign that it was maybe better to put my phone away but I couldn’t do it because Pikachu came to visit the café! You weren’t allowed to stand up because Pikachu was walking around so everyone got a chance to see him. Some people were even allowed to shake hands with Pikachu. While walking around Pikachu did cute poses and dances. Everyone looked happy and were having a good time.



After Pikachu left I could finally eat my cold dish, it’s taste was okay but bad in comparison if you think about the high prices. A big thing to know when you go to this cafe is that you go for Pokémon, for having a good time and for the limited items so don’t expect food to be very good. Also if you’re on a budget think twice about it because it isn’t cheap.

I hope this review gave you a bit of an insight of the Pokémon cafe, have you been there already?

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