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Monday, November 23, 2020

You probably have heard about cat cafes, maid cafes, butler cafes, vampire cafes but Japan goes even further than that! Themed cafes of your favorite anime and games are getting so big that there are even limited cafes which are fully booked in no time. In a series of 3 blogs I’ll take you to 4 different themed cafes which all worked differently. The last theme I want to explain to you is a limited cafe that’s about a game series: the pink round ball better known as Kirby!

The Kirby café is located near the Tokyo Skytree so you can combine it with a beautiful view of the big city. This café is a limited café that started on September 27th 2018 but because of the big popularity they didn’t expected the end date is now set to September 23 2019. The building is easy to find due to the big and colourful decorated statues and windows. Outside are a few chairs and the next timeslot because for this café you have to book online through their official form. The only important thing to know is that you have to be 15 minutes before the start of your timeslot. (That’s why there are chairs outside!)

Once everyone of that timeslot has gathered a staffmember explained the menu, about the timeslot, how many orders you are allowed to have and about the photo oppurtunity with a very cute Kirby background. This was done different than other cafes, probably so staff don’t have to repeat theirselves. I was the first one to enter and I was surprised by how small it was comparing to other cafes, there was only space for about 30 people. A staffmember asked for my phone to take a picture and it turned out very cute! Then another staffmember brought me to my seat, a round table going around a big decorated tree, these seats were mainly for people going alone. There were also tables for 2-4 persons. The menu was given to me and surprisingly it was in English! It was a really difficult decision, everything looked so good and cute! There were so many option but sadly my stomach isn’t that big! I ordered an omurice and a matcha latte with a Kirby diving into it. This latte was also possible with coffee and another Kirby marsmallow.

While waiting for my food I looked around the café to discover more little details in the decorations. It felt like you weren’t in a Kirby café because you didn’t see Kirby’s face that obvious. You really had to search for him because this pink ball was hidden in the decorations, something I haven’t seen before and is actually a really good idea! My search for Kirby had to stop because my lunch was being served. After taking photos of the food in every angle, I decided to dig in. The smile I got from the cuteness turned into a smaller smile once the first bite was in my mouth. The omurice tasted bad, honestly the worst one I have ever tasted. Luckily I saved my matcha latte for last to cover the taste of the omurice so in the end I left the table with a good taste in my mouth.

I took the reciept and walked to the shop and the cash register. I couldn’t leave empty handed so I bought a spoon and some candy as souvenir, Kirby is just too cute. Just like other cafes this is a bit more expensive so watch out if you’re on a budget. All in all it was a cute café to visit, their decoration was the best I’ve seen but the taste of the omurice was a real bummer. Maybe the other dishes tasted better but that’s something I have to try next time. Have you been to a themed café? How was that experience? Please let us know!

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