Once again, Welcome on our website and thank you for visiting! We would love to introduce ourselves to our readers! Here we go:

Saetori was originated between Mayo and Nico out of their love for Asia on the 14th of August (4:08 PM Dutch time, That’s right. I even noted it down!). One of the two suddenly had the bright idea. “Hey you know what I miss.. Information about Asia…Mostly Japan and Korea because all we hear is about music groups really.. Maybe it would be fun to start a magazine.. or something” to which the other eagerly replied “YESS!!” and that’s how Saetori was founded.

The name
The name was carefully picked. We have thought long about it, we wanted something that would not only fit us but also out contents. We decided to go with the following words:
Sae –  This is Korean for new, but it can also means bird.
Tori – This is Japanese for Birds as well.
Since we want to bring you the newest stories like a pigeon used to do back in the days, we went for the name New Bird, or better known as Saetori.

What will we write about?
We would like to write about anything that inspires and interests us, We would like to show you, not only the vibrant and modern now, but also the dark pasts and things you might or might not know. We will dig into the history and culture of these countries, tell you the ups and downs, hypes and fashiontrends and much more. If you have any request or want us to cover a certain topic, feel free to contact us!

Here’s some things about us.

Saetori is run by Marjoleine and Nicolette.
We’re from The Netherlands and we’re in our twenties.
We grew up together for about 4 years, living in the same street, even though we difference about 4 years and we lost contact for a long period of time. Our lives have been rather identical in the way we started liking things.. we met again through a concert of a Japanese band that was playing in Amsterdam and as we rode the bus back together we just gave each other the stink eye and added each other again on Facebook after chatting a bit longer. Our moms then told us a couple of days later that we used to be friends and we kind of lost contact in between again.. we were busy with our lives, school, other friends though Always stayed in contact somehow until we decided lets just hang out and do stuff. So now were friends and we try to hang out regularly and talk daily.

Another two of us
In February (2018) we got ourselves and extension to our team and Chantal joined us as a member! Living in another part of The Netherlands she will be able to go to restaurants around her and help us out with posts when work is sucking up all our attention and then in July(2018) Léonie joined our team aswell, This girl is absolutely crazy about Japan and we’re happy to have her!

Name: Marjoleine
Nickname: Mayo
Likes: Japan, Korea, China
Why:  China, Japan and Korea because of the music, food, lifestyle, history!
In charge of: China and Japan and occasionally Korea content, all Social media and the website (layout etc).
Current obsession: Formula 1, BTS, Harry Potter (Always)
Social media:  Twitter, FacebookInstagram

Name: Chantal
Nickname: Chana
Likes: Korea!
Why: Upbeat and vibrant music, history & culture, food and beauty & cosmetics
In charge of:  Korean and Japanese content (occasionally Chinese)
Current obsession: Rupauls Drag Race Season 10
Social media:  Twitter, Facebook

Name: Léonie
Likes: Japan
Why: Japan is a really interesting country, I thought it was just a phase when I was younger but I’m still stucked. (Probably forever because the love is too big!)
In charge of: Japan content
Current obsession: Visual Kei, anime, travel
Social media:  Twitter, Instagram

Currently inactive due to work

Name: Nicolette
Nickname: Nico / Kaori
Likes: History, Asian drama’s, Asia in general
Why: Nothing’s better than a good Melodrama!
As for History, It somehow just interests me!
In charge of: Korean content (occasionally Japanese content).
Social media: Twitter, Facebook .

If you have any doubts or questions about us, feel free to contact us! Also, if you have found a mistake, error, or something that does not seem right to you, don’t be afraid to contact.
Thanks in advance.