Thursday, May 23, 2019


China, The country of the Dragon, it’s culture and it’s successful business. With it’s rich history and difficult language. We hope to take you all the way back to the Yellow river civilization until nowadays life!

We hope you will enjoy it!

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Restaurant: Shanghai Noodle

I was in Amsterdam and decided to try to find a Chinese Restaurant to check out and the first one ...

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Interview: Hanggai

As we'd just found they were recording their new album and were very curious as to when Hanggai would be ...

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Food: Amazing Oriental Supermarket - Ypenburg, NL

If you like Asian food but you don't always feel like going to a restaurant and pay more than you ...

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Album Review: Hanggai - Big Band Brass

After releasing their album Homeland in 2018 Hanggai felt like they wanted to experiment more with their sound so they ...

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Social Media: TikTok

Having grown into an app much used like Instagram and Twitter TikTok originated in China in 2016 known (as Douyin) ...

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