Sunday, August 18, 2019
Muziek algemeen

Korea, a country of culture, history, but more well known because of it’s drama’s and the music scene. The flag consistence of Ying-Yang yet the past bring nothing like peace to it’s people.

We will try to bring you a variety of well balanced topics on this beautiful country and culture, whether it is about the dark past or the bright future. From controversies until the now-a-days popculture.

We hope you will enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy writing them!

Featured Posts

Tattoos in Korea

You might have seen many amazing Korean tattoo artists on instagram (And if you haven’t, definitely check out the ones ...

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K-POP night in Vlaardingen

K-Pop? Ja man! K-Pop is enorm: artiesten verkopen de Ziggo Dome uit en tal van andere zalen. Hoog tijd dat ...

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GOT7, Amsterdam

Popular KPOP group GOT7 is coming to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Click here to go to the event

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Movie: Seoul Searching

Not truly Korean but inspired by its story, Seoul Searching is a movie I found on Netflix depicting the live ...

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