Monday, June 17, 2019
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Korea, a country of culture, history, but more well known because of it’s drama’s and the music scene. The flag consistence of Ying-Yang yet the past bring nothing like peace to it’s people.

We will try to bring you a variety of well balanced topics on this beautiful country and culture, whether it is about the dark past or the bright future. From controversies until the now-a-days popculture.

We hope you will enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy writing them!

Featured Posts

Movie: Seoul Searching

Not truly Korean but inspired by it's story, Seoul Searching is a movie I found on Netflix depicting the live ...

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Food: Easybab Woori Bibimbap

The only thing I miss more than anything since I stopped living in Asia are Bibimbap dishes. Of course nothing ...

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Concert review: Madmans Esprit + VII ARC + Phlebotomized at Popcentrale

Finally on Sunday 21st of April it was time for something we have been looking forward to: seeing Madmans Esprit ...

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Band: VOID - Interview (ENG+Korean)

Visual Kei is a term used to indicate a Japanese music and clothing style with varying levels of make-up, elaborate ...

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Food: Amazing Oriental Supermarket - Ypenburg, NL

If you like Asian food but you don't always feel like going to a restaurant and pay more than you ...

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