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Movie and Series Review South Korea

Today we cover the popular drama Hwarang. Let’s go back to Silla in the time of the flower knights. A beautiful story of love, friendship and flower boys. A story that will keep you interested until the last minute. With backstabs, fights, losses, and more this drama definitely became one of my favorite drama’s! Without further ado, Let’s start the Review..

Name: 화랑: 더 비기닝
Also known as: Flowering Knights; The beautiful knights; Hwarang, The poet warrior youth
Language: Korean
Genre: Historical, Romance
Episodes: 20
Airing period: 19 December 2016 – 21 Februari 2017

Park Seo Joon as Moo Myung / Kim Sun Woo / Kim Isabu / Dog-bird

Go Ara as Kim Ah ro

Park Hyung Sik as Sam Maek Jong / Kim Ji Dwi / King Jin Heung

“The names of just few Hwarangs are recorded in history. Not many people these days truly know about Hwarangs. How did they start? How did beautiful looking young men become at the center of unifying old Korea’s Three Kingdoms? To these countless questions, we look forward to find the answers. Let’s imagine how life must have been for young people of Silla back in the 6th century. Let us tell you a story about their friendships and love. –KBSWorld

This drama is playing in the period of the Silla kingdom. Even though it is inspired by a true happening in history, all the characters and story lines are fiction. The drama follows the story of “Dog bird”. After losing his best friend, Mak-Moon, because he saw the face of the “faceless King” he pleaded revenge. Will he be able to get revenge on the king? Will he be able to turn tables regarding the bone-rank system?


Honestly, this is one of the better drama’s I have seen. As soon as it started off I was interested and I actually never dropped the interest throughout the story. The story itself had a very strong grip on me. The characters are unique and portrayed very well. Not only will this drama bring you back to the Silla period, It will also take you on a journey through the so called “Bone system” and a fight for equal rights between “Royals and peasants”.

(Spoiler alert! Do not read this past if you are still watching or are planning to watch this drama and don’t wanna read spoilers.)

Dog-Bird (the main character) will be fighting his own battles to get revenge on his killed best friend (Mak-moon/Kim sun woo) by disguising himself as Kim Sun Woo. In the process of disguising him as the son of the doctor from the city around the palace (which is the true bone city) he falls in love with his best friend’s sister, Ah Ro, which is now seen as his own sister. Which is basically one of those typical drama plots. It gets a bit of a Romeo and Juliet feel in the start as they both realize the love for each other. Especially for Ah ro’s point of view it is an “forbidden love” as she does not know he is not her real brother.

After causing trouble with the queen he is forced to join the Hwarang, If he does not agree he would lose his “Sister” (aka love interest) and “father”. Hence he ofcourse joins Hwarang, Finding new friends and possible rivals. As a peasant he knew nothing about the life within “The walls” of the royal family and pure bones, hence he still has a lot to learn. Luckily his sister will be of great help to him.

As Ji dwi, the undercover faceless king, also a Hwarang, falls in love with Ah Ro, you get the typical love triangle. However, Ah Ro does not return his love, which kind of turns it into a battle between the, now two friends, Sun woo and Ji Dwi. As the story continues it gets more interesting. My heart kept switching between the Ah Ro x Sun Woo and Ah Ro x Ji Dwi ship, Even though it switched so much, the end of the drama did definitely not disappoint me! The last episode had me screaming like crazy, I haven’t felt that excited in a while regarding a Drama story line.


Grade: 9/10

I think even though this story has many plot twists and “secrets” it is a great serie. Even though the drama brought me through a lot of emotions, even a heavy heartbreak at a certain point, I would definitely recommend this to any Drama/History lover.

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