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Recipe: Noodles with a twist

I like to eat ramen/ramyun noodles once in a while. You know the instant soup kind.
But they get rather boring rather quick and just the soup base doesn’t cut it for me.
I’ve started making variations to it using the soup packages which is fairly easy and fun to do!



Here’s one of the recipes that I really enjoyed.

What you need

  • Ramyun/Ramen soup packet of your choice
  • Bacon/Ham
  • Egg
  • Japanese rice topping (Furikake)
  • (anything else that you think it needs! really, play around with it)

I boiled the water in my kettle first because I hate waiting for water to boil with a burning passion. I added the noodles to it and let those boil according to the package before adding the sauce and the dried vegetables. (i usually buy the slightly ‘luxury’ noodles from the shop, not the one with just the powdered herbs and stuff.

The yummy bacon/ham
Bake the bacon or ham in a pan with a little bit of butter or oil. Don’t make the bacon crispy, it needs some texture. Turn off the fire and let it cool down

Poaching the egg
Take a piece of clingfilm or just a sandwich back that you can knot and put it in a small bowl so you won’t spill the egg around.  Spray or pour some butter or oil into it to make the plastic non sticky and tie a tight knot as close to the egg as you can. dump the egg bag into another pot boiling water.. turn down the flame so the water doesn’t bubble so much and cook for three minutes. (or longer if you want your egg not to be runny).

When it’s done take it out, cut the plastic off carefully and use how you want it.

Making up the bowl
I usually don’t use all of the soup because it’s too much. I use spaghetti tongs to take out the noodle and put them into the pot and then I pour the soup over it.

Just like they do in Japan just split your bowl into three or four equal parts. Fold the bacon and carefully place them on top of the noodle, turn the bowl and perch the cute round (in my case funnily shaped) egg on top as well. Turn the bowl again and sprinkle furikake (I used the wasabi flavored one) or if you’d rather use any vegetables perch them on cutely too.

For my own flavor I added some cheese we had and stirred them into the noodles. then…enjoy!


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