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Food Review South Korea

Warning: Do not drink if you are underaged. We do not mean to encourage anyone upon doing so. We are not responsible for the after effects of underage-drinking.

Today i was able to get my hands on a nice bottle of korean beer, better known as Hite. So today we are gonna talk about the popular Korean beer called Hite. Let’s start with some information on the beer.


Hite Lager is one of the top-selling beers in South Korea. It is a sweet and golden beer with a thin body and minimal head. It is styled upon American rice lagers (such as Budweiser). The beer is made from barley malt and rice, which gives it the unique yet sweet taste. Along with “OB” and “Cass”, Hite is often found on draft in South Korean pubs and bars. Most drinkers consider the draft version of Hite to be more or less interchangeable in price and taste, as most South Korean beers are brewed from rice. It contains 4.3% Alcohol by volume.

Hite is brewed by the “Hite brewery company limited” in South Korea. The company’s headquarter is in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. Hite is brewed along with other products suchs as beer, rice wine and even mineral water. The company was established as Chosun Breweries in 1933. In 2001 the company owned a total of 3 factories.

In 2006, the company acquired Jinro, the popular South Korean soju company.


The company have sponsorred a Starcraft professional team named “Hite Entus” on May 4th, 2011. However, the contact between Hite and Entus had expired and was not renewed. The team announced to return to their old name, CJ Entus. Hite Brewery also sponsored a soccer team, the POSCO atoms in the 1990’s.

Please take note that this is based on a personal opinion, tastes differ.

I personally am really fond of Hite. The taste of the beer is rather sweet and I prefer it over many other brands. It has a the good, bitter beer taste whilst drinking, but a nice and sweet aftertaste. the beer has a nice, but rather thin foam (not as thick as draft beer ofcourse, since it is bottled after all.)


As for the design, the bottle itself has 2 labels, one around the bottle neck and one on it’s body.
The label around the bottleneck is rather simple, it holds the Hite brand image with a small line containing the establishment date of the brewery and the brewery logo (i suppose). It feels as if it is made out of aluminum foil.
The body label is a sticker. It contains a nice graphic design made of typographic elements with a small illustration of what seems to be “Beer spraying into a barrel”. alongside the name, korean name and date they also promise you it is “the best quality guaranteed”. The sticker itself has some sort of horizontal lining, which’ structure you can feel when you rub your finger over it. Perhaps it is for a better grasp of the bottle while drinking.

As my bottle was bought in Europe, it contains a small little lable notifying this. The sticker on the back is a translation of the ingredients into different European languages (such as Dutch, German, France and more.)

Grade: 9/10
I really like the design of the bottle and the Beer itself is very good, however due to the lack of foam I’d give his a 9 out of 10. Hite is by far one of my most favorite beers, specially due to the sweet after taste (i love sweet tastes after all). I would recommend Hite for sure.


Other products of the Hite brewery:

Prime Max: The third most popular beer in South Korea. Brewed with 100% malted barley. 4.5% ABV
Hite stout: Based of original Guinnes. Hite Stout is a dark and bitter beer. 4.5% ABV
Exfeel S: A light beer targeting young drinkers. 4.0% ABV
Seok Su & Puriss Water: Purified water by Hite-Jinro corporation.
Hite D Dry Finish: Dry finish is made using dry yeast. 5% ABV.
Hite Soju: A brand of Soju with a relatively low market share. (Not to be confused with White soju)

Source: Wikipedia, Pictures by Saetori! Please do not take out without proper credits.

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