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Restaurant review: Set Noodle & Hotpot – Maid cafe edition

During Christmas 2016 I went to a maid cafe event at Set Noodle & Hotpot this was because a friend works as a maid for this maid cafe. We had to book a time and what we wanted to eat in advance. my friend and I picked our first dish as Yakitori, second two of us had a noodle soup, Kaori/Nico had Rice Teriyaki and then we had a desert which was told us as being special.


Disclaimer: These are based on my personal opinion and I in no way want to hurt or misjudge the restaurants. Everyone has their own taste and experience. Don’t base your judgement on what I found and definitely check out the restaurant unless I explicitly post about it here. 🙂

Restaurant: Set Noodle & Hotpot
Address:       West-Kruiskade 10B, 3014 AP Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
During:          Christmas event Neko Neko Ni Maid Cafe
Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior:  ★★☆☆☆
Staff: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★☆☆☆
We got there at our time slot and there was a queue of people waiting outside, though we were let in quite quickly, we were greeted warmly by a few maids and a butler then after that we were assigned our seats.

My initial reaction to the interior of Set was that I thought it’s awkwardly small, the kitchen is what you see when you walk in but then you have to go up some steps to reach the serving area. the ambiance of the place was nice, quite Japanese but still rather tight.
What I dislike most was that it seemed like there were two large groups of people that were celebrating something, obviously they were quite loud. But other than that there were quite a few maids bobbing around greeting everyone and asking if we wanted something to drink.
We ordered a couple of Sodas and sat to chat with just the three of us while very slowly the entree’s were rolling out and brought by the maids. These were delicious though only two sticks each so we were out quite quickly.

The groups became louder so so did we, we laughed and chatted with the maid serving our table, her sitting down with us whenever she had time to chat with us.

The main was served about ten minutes later and I wasn’t very satisfied but also no super dissatisfied with it.  I had a beef tonkatsu noodle soup; The taste, though slightly bland, was okay. The garnish was rather messy.  I added some of the provided spices and I was happy.



but then we had to wait for the longest time for desert, we ordered more drinks and the maid told us we could play a game. Giving us a Pokemon Memory game which we played until we were near screaming. We had fun, the maid joined in and we got to chat a little more.

When finally the desert did come… we were excited by the looks…. but ended up being incredibly disappointed by the taste.  For some reason we didn’t take pictures of it.. so I’ll try my best to describe it. It was a large plate with two small scoops of pastel swirled icecream.. that had no flavor what so ever. a couple of cute star shaped jello’s on a stick. a dry cracker with strawberry creme inside and some cocoa powder.  The maids had room to decorate the plate and they did. which was cute and sweet but all over we were really disappointed with the dessert.. especially with how long it took for it to arrive.. we waited for around 30 minutes and only finished half of it. Though we chatted a bit longer, paid and got our stuff. took a picture with our friend and left.  I haven’t returned to SET since but I’m still planning on it.

My event/Restaurant rating
2 out of 5
I do have to say that the Neko Neko Ni Maid Cafe maids really did their best to entertain us and have everything go in time. Maybe it was just too many people in such a small event/restaurant. I only really enjoyed myself because of the people I was with and the familiarity with our maid.

I do want to wish Neko Neko Ni Maid Cafe a lot of luck in their endeavors and you should really check them out when you can.



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