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Restaurant Review: Takumi Dusseldorf – Rotterdam

Takumi is a Japanese restaurant that has been opened in Düsseldorf for quite some time, A lot of people even travel from The Netherlands just to eat there. In the beginning of this year they opened a restaurant in Rotterdam and it’s been running a storm there. They serve authentic Japanese dishes, Mostly Sapporo style noodle’s but they also sell a variety of Japanese curries and ‘Bar food’ like Edamame, Karaage and Takoyaki.


Disclaimer: These are based on my personal opinion and I in no way want to hurt or misjudge the restaurants. Everyone has their own taste and experience. Don’t base your judgement on what I found and definitely check out the restaurant unless I explicitly post about it here. 🙂

Restaurant: Takumi Düsseldorf – Rotterdam
Address:       West-Kruiskade 9B, 3014 AJ Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
During:         Summer 2017
Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior:  ★★★★☆
Staff: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★☆☆

I visited Takumi twice in the same week, in the beginning of June, I heard that it had officially opened and I was really excited to try it. It’s been a while I had real good Japanese noodles so I took my coworker there. She’d never had anything like it so I had to introduce her to some of it.  We got there early because we were catching a movie later, it is only a short distance from the movie theater.

As we made our way in we were excitedly greeted with a loud “Irasshaimase (いらっしゃいませ)” which of course had me instantly sold. It’s all you hear whenever you enter any shop or restaurant in Japan.  it means “Welcome!/Come in!”

The second I noticed was the interior. It was nice, clean, very Japanese. A lot of wood aswell. I heard Japanese music playing and the staff was dressed in a black jeans and black/blue shirt. We were seated and asked if we would like a drink, we opted for (chinese) Ice tea.

After we made our pick, which was really difficult to be honest, we decided on a Spicy Tonkatsu and a less spicy variety of it and some Takoyaki.

The Takoyaki came quite quick and it looked and was absolutely delicious. When both of our bowls came I was really impressed with how it was made up and the taste was just as I remembered from Japan. I was more than pleased and my coworker loved it just as much as I did and took it home because the bowl was just too large for her to finish it all.
though the staff told her it wouldn’t be as good as it was fresh. We got a nice bowl and lid for it aswell…. in which I had some trouble closing it for her but the most handsome staff member that I had seen helped me out. ……Of course I blushed furiously…..

The next week I took my mom and Nicolette/Kaori with me to eat there. I was craving it badly all week.

We got there when the weather was absolutely perfect and when we were shown a table we sat outside to enjoy the last bits of sun and the vibrant West Kruiskade.
We ordered a set of Kimchi and Gyoza. Both were near heavenly aswell and all three of us had to stop ourselves from ordering more of it.

We knew the noodles we’re enough to tie us over and as we got our food I noticed how much the neighbours were focused on making sure every single costumer was well taken care of. If I looked up towards the kitchen, some of the staff would instantly tell a waiter who would come over and ask us if we needed anything else.
Overall my experience with Takumi has been really good and after paying you receive a stamp card. 10 stamps is free gyoza, 20 stamps is free Ramen.
I’m rather excited to fill out my card but I haven’t had the change to return yet.
Every month they post a special dish to their Facebook account. Be sure to check it out.

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