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So we went to another movie at Camera Japan Rotterdam. Last sunday they screened the debut movie of Matsumoto Yusaku, called Noise. The movie was followed by a Q&A (Questions & Answers) by the Director himself, and a part of the crew! . Of course we had to check this out.

Name: Noise
Director: Matsumoto Yusaku
Release date: 24 September 2017
Runtime: 124 minutes
Official website:

The story is 8 years after the infamous Akihabara massacre. We follow 3 characters, each plays a different role and at first it is hard to find a connection between those 3. The movie shows many aspects of the Idol life in Japan and how one event can change the life of someone.

Spoilers! Do not read if you want to see the movie without any major spoilers.

So basically the movie follows 3 characters,

Misa, The victim. She was a victim of the Akihabara massacre as her mother died because of this event. We see her daily struggles caused by the event. The relationship between her and her father isn’t good, she aims to become an idol to see if she can reach her mother in some way.

Ken, The culprit. His life is portrayed as very unlucky. His mom basically drags him down in any way possible, causing many troubles such as debts because of her behaviour and loan shark visits. Causing him slowly but surely to drive mad and getting bad thoughts.

Rie, has nothing to do with any of the events. At first it was kind of hard to know what exactly her role meant in this movie, however after the Q&A they provide with this movie it was explained by Matsumoto Yusaku himself that beside victims and culprits there are also people who’s life just continue as if nothing has happened. Those are 3 roles in any event. This made a lot of sense.

Grade: 8/10
Basically Matsumoto Yusaku explained that in every event that happens there are always 3 roles. The culprit, the victim, and the one who has nothing to do with it. He also wanted to show that small details can lead a person into the wrong path. This movie is definitely deep and something to think about, however, without the explaination we got at the Q&A afterwards we would probably still be a little lot since the timeline of the movie is slightly distorted and it switches from past to future and somewhere in between quite often. As i, myself, like deep things like these (that keeps you think it over and over) i must say i liked the movie a lot, but the explaination was definitely necessary (as we already started making complot theories about how Ken’s father (which is slightly mentioned in the movie) might have been the culprit from 12 years ago, which we later deemed impossible as his mother wanted Ken to call him for money).

If you are fond of a little mind twist or deep meanings, this is definitely a movie you should check out. We wish Matsumoto Yusaku much luck and look forward to his future movies!

Sources: Camera Japan, IMDb


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