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Concert Review: G-Dragon’s World tour Act lll Motte Concert in Amsterdam

After a long wait, it finally was time for G-Dragon’s (Kwon Ji Young’s) Act lll Motte Concert and ofcourse we had to be there! Read all about our experiences!

Please note this is based on our personal experience and happenings. We hereby do not mean to harm or hurt anyone. Thank you.

The entree
We weren’t worried about the entree rows since we had assigned seats. We arrived quite late because of this. When they split the rows we stood quite up front and were able to enter the venue rather quick. We immediately checked out the merchandise. They had quite some merchandise, T-shirts, sweaters, Big Bang Light sticks (also smaller ones), pens, caps and much more. We went with the regular Big Bang Light sticks. Everything went smooth due to the fact we were inside before a lot of the other people. We got to buy the things we wanted but we decided halfway through we wanted something more for a possible give away but we heard from people they were completely sold out before the show even started.

ACT3 Motte

First impression
When we entered the venue we were informed they changed our seats. We were moved from the higher balcony to the first floor chairs. This meant we were sitting right behind the standing tickets. It was a great place as we entered early because of the row system. There were 2 screens on both sides of the stage playing various G-dragon MV’s. The stage was high enough for everyone to see, which was expected since this is quite a big venue. On the back screen they displayed the concert name.

Kwon Ji Yong
G-Dragon was born under the name Kwon Ji Yong on August 18th 1988. In 2006 he debuted with Big Bang who grew out to be one of the biggest groups from Korea. Next to his group he went solo and in 2009 he came out with his first solo debut “Heartbreaker”. This song became a number one hit in no time and most of his songs have been number 1 hits.

G-Dragon is more than just a rapper/singer, he is very passionate about fashion as well. During his concert he changed his outfit several times. In the Netherlands he was mentioned as a “fashion icon” by Ziggo dome on twitter.


The show
When the concert begin we had already been waiting for 45 minutes and people who had come inside first we’re getting slightly anxious and annoyed with how long it took. Even though it was really nice to be able to walk around, chat with friends in different seats, get drinks and charge our phones. we later found out this was because about 100 people were still waiting outside in the line because the ticket checking and bag control was taking longer than expected, GD and his management wanted everyone to see every single second of their show so they waited. They were playing music videos and had a commercial for KRUNK playing. Every MV was received with a scream and singing and dancing while everyone was waiting.

When the show began they turned up the famous MichiGO which had people hyped instantly ‘Act 1; G-Dragon’ flashed on the screen, there was a deafening scream coming from every visitor of the Ziggo dome, we were met with amazing visuals on all the screens on stage and GD came up on a higher platform launching straight into Heartbreaker and the mood was set. Fireworks flashed and everyone sang with him.

Most of the concert went really smooth, only a few mishaps with his soundpack coming off, one of the screens breaking and sending ‘glitters’ up and down it and a few wrong notes but nothing really worthy to mention. G-Dragon put down a show that none of the dutch fans will forget. Changing his clothes every so many songs, dancing, showing of his incredible fashion style which makes everyone envious of what he can pull off.  Black clothes with just a dozen red strings, a blood/red paint splattered labcoat. He looked handsome and beautiful in everything. He pulled just the perfect face at just the right time, plucked his hair and his clothes to make himself look even more handsome. Fangirls and boys couldn’t get enough of it. Fireworks, fire, smoke, lasers, streamers and those white confetti strips that filled the entire venue in a white mist.

Besides from the amazingly perfect detailed singer and visuals, there was a band playing the music live and he had about 8 dancers who just like him changed outfits every so many songs. Most of the show was based around red, red outfits, red hair, red background, red lights. some fans were also dressed in red.

During the concert he sung his songs, such as Bullshit, Heartbreaker, One of a Kind, Middle fingers up and many others. We even got a “Surprise” visit by CL (former 2NE1 leader and YG family member as well) as she appeared on the screen during the R.O.D. performance.
At the start of the concert he mentioned that the concert would be recorded for the DVD. During the MC parts Kwon Ji Yong spoke English, therefor no translation was needed. We are very pleased that he took the effort to communicate with us directly as most of the artists prefer to talk Korean even though they can speak English.

After his Divina Commedia performances he left the stage, announcing the concert was over. The Dutch fans started cheering “Kwon Ji Yong” and after a while he came back with a new outfit and sung Crooked. He introduced his band members and gave them all a round of applause. As last song he sung Motte as he walked past the standing places (being only separated by a fence). Afterward the concert was really over, but we definitely left with a good and satisfied feeling.

The fans
During the concert the fans were behaving well! There was a good atmosphere at our place and around. Everyone seemed really excited and chatted with whoever was closest. When the show started everyone screamed and their light sticks went on, from the first minute everyone who knew the words sang along. We saw a lot of messages before hand for special fan projects, when the time came everybody joined in with a red screen and then the flashlight on their phones. It was a beautiful and impressive collaboration.  During the MC a lot of people screamed “I love you” and “Saranghae” at GD which he greatly accepted and replied them with just as much love. Unlike many of the articles that have surfaced before and since the show, the crowd was diverse, I saw teenage boys and girls, twenty-somethings, 30-40-50 and maybe even older were also spotted and I know for a fact… they loved the show just as much as everyone else.


The organisation
The organisation felt very good. Everything seemed to go quick and smooth, The only issue happened to be the bags. You were allowed to take an A4 sized bag, but not bigger. They also checked the bags and peoples pockets to see if they did not bring weapons or things that were not allowed. Because of that the show started about 35 minutes later.

The after party
They had an after party next to the venue where they played K-pop organized by the Strictly KPOP organizers Somaek entertainment. It started off very good, the music was good and we were able to enjoy ourselves and party a bit more after the great concert. However, at one point they decided to hold a Dance Competition, which caused them to talk more than play music. It was such a bummer. Personally, we would have liked it to just have them continue to play good music rather than starting some kind of dance event in the middle of the night.


Even though we started a little late and some notes were not fully perfect (We understand that this is hard since a concert takes a lot of energy and efforts) but this was one of the best concerts we have ever seen. The special effects and firework were great. The full experience was just great and beside those minor points, which had their reasons, the concert was great!

Please note all the pictures are made by Saetori unless noted otherwise. Do not take them out without credits. Thank you in advance
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