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Now that Mayo is on holidays in China for a long month (exaggarating, actually 3 weeks… ) she won’t be able to access social media that often. As you might or might not know, things like Google or Social Media are forbidden and blocked in China! Why is that?
Let’s dive into it!


First of all..
To get to the core of why their content is blocked we must keep in mind that China is still a communistic country. They have to do this kind of censorship to keep their government in power, since the best way to convince people nowadays is through the internet.

Why do they have such strict rules?
If people in China start to question the Government, the government will break down. Therefor the state controls all media. Not only online, but also on television and on the radio. They only allow media that supports the government fully. This way they feed their people with stories of how the government is good and does anything to help out. The opponents of the Chinese goverment are called terroristsm traitors and unpatriotic. Those people are a danger to the state, since they might cause people to question the wisdom of the government. Websites such as Google and Facebook might reveal the dark side of the Government to it’s followers and that might lead to losing their followers.

How do they maintain a clean web?
To keep the Chinese web clean, the government requires local sites to practice a self-censorship. If the owners of those websites do not obey the rule, the government will shut it down. This way the web will remain clean without having the government check all the posts online, themselves.

Then why do they block certain sites?
The Chinese website owners do their best to keep theirs clean, to not let their sites go down. However, this rule does only apply for chinese sites as they fall under the Chinese government. Since American sites do not fall under this rule as they are from another country, it is easier to just block those entire sites rather than trying to filter it all out. Also, since the sites do not fall under the Chinese law, it is harder to block those kind of contents.

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How do people get access to Facebook anyway?
There are ways to still get access to sites such as Facebook. This is by using a VPN. Basically it is some sort of server from other countries (for example America) where you DO have access to those kind of sites. Those are purchasable. Apparently there are also free servers, but those are not as safe as the ones that are paid for

They block any social media from outside to prevent the people from reading stories against their own government, which might make them go against it.

Wanna know which popular sites are blocked in China? Check out the list by clicking here!
Please note this list does not contain all websites that are blocked. Only those which are more popular.

Do you feel like this information is incorrect or incomplete? Feel free to add your opinion or information in a comment under this post!

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