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Halloween in Korea

Just like in Japan and China, Halloween isn’t really a common celebration in Korea. With the influx of expats however it’s becoming larger and larger every year with parties and themepark celebrations. Though with how easy it is in the other countries to get an outfit, it’s much harder in Korea but Gmarket is jumping into that void and making it much more easy for anyone to get their hands on the outfit they deem worthy.


There  are a whole bunch of Halloween parties for example:

Halloween Blowout!
Kapa Microbrewery, Yeoido.
Those good people at Frozern North Productions present one night of debauchery at the Kapa microbrewery in Yeoido. Basically, 40,000 won entitles you to all you can eat and drink. There will be prizes for the best costumes and a 4 am survivors breakfast too.
Pros: Good value if you eat and drink like a pig
Cons: The location is a bit obscure for the unadventurous

Halloween Costume Party
M2, Hongdae
M2 aim to host the biggest Halloween bash in town and they probably will too. Expect hot women dressed as school girls and sweaty English teachers too lazy to dress up. Tickets cost 15,000 won after 11 pm, 10,000 won before.
Pros: Viewing all the scantily clad locals getting their groove on
Cons: Being frustrated at the end of the night when you go home alone

The Seoul times

Dark side of Seoul walk.
Starting from Anguk Station or Seodaemun Station in Seoul you will meet with a historian who will lead you through dark winding alleys along places tourist offices don’t want you seeing.
While being stories and facts about Prince Suyang, Hospital massacres, vile rulers and ghosts. After a break for snack and (alcoholic) beverages before continuing and ending at the Cheonggyecheon Stream, a modern tourist attraction which just a hundred years ago had many corpses floating down its waterways. The 1.5 hour tour will leave you in awe.
But you do have to book tickets in advance for this walk.

Zombie Walk.
Where you can dress up as a zombie with 500+ other participants and walk through Shinchon and Hongdae to scare people. Every year it’s becoming bigger and bigger and this being their 5th year it should be a total blast. To join Seoul’s undead for some Halloween fun on Saturday, October 15 from 3-7pm in Sinchon.

Lotte World and Everland
These two theme parks hold their own Halloween themed parties and the entire park will be transformed. Horror mazes, huge parties! And theme parks are always fun anyway.

Grevin Seoul Museum
This is a wax museum in Seoul and they have special Halloween events aswell! Whats creeper than wax figures though……

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