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The Precipice Game

Another movie, ready for a review in preparations of Halloween! This time we cover the spooky yet intresting horror thriller known as The Precipice Game..

The Precipice Game
Also known as:  魔轮/Cold Ship
Genre: Horror
Director: Zao Wang
Written by: Doudou (script writer), Zhou He (script writer), Rebecca Wang (script writer)
Fundamental Films & IM Global
Release date:  1 July 2016 (China)
Running time: 90 minutes

Watched on: Netflix

Liu Chenchen, a free-spirited young woman, rebels against her wealthy family and elopes with her boyfriend to join a cruise-bond treasure hunt. But what began as an innocent game with promises of great reward soon turns into a battle for survival when the contestants are thrown into a mysterious world of intrigue and chaos in the middle of the sea. Liu relies only on her wits and her new friends to survive, all the while unmasking foes and learning that nothing is what it seems. But as her companions are attacked one by one, Liu must do everything she can to escape. Written by Wikipedia

Qingdao city, northern China, the present day, August. Veterinarian Liu Chenchen (Lin Xinru) is nagged by her mother (Wang Ji) over whether her latest boyfriend, Yu Bingchuan (Jin Shijia), is right for her. She defends him, and he then surprises her with two tickets he’s won for a Sky Line Adventure Cruise 天涯号游轮探险, on which the prize money is RMB1 million. Arriving on board, they find there are only four other passengers: bar owner Ye Qing (He Rundong), the obnoxious Liu Dapeng (Li Shangyi), his cowardly friend Chen Hongfan (Li Lin), and the glamorous Sun Meng (Gai Yuexi) who immediately starts coming on to Yu Bingchuan. The cruise ship’s MC (Shi Zhi) starts with a trial game, in which Yu Bingchuan is the winner. The real game then starts: the players have 12 hours to find some treasure, the clues are spread around the ship, and one player will be eliminated in every round. As the winner of the trial game, Yu Bingchuan is given the first clue – an old key. After the ship is plunged into darkness, the group faces an attack by flying circular saw-blades in which the MC is killed. The group finds its way to an amusement arcade, and Ye Qing and Yu Bingchuan go off to investigate. The MC’s body has disappeared and, after they follow the blood trail on deck, Ye Qing’s leg gets stuck in an anchor mechanism. Somehow he manages to escape. Meanwhile, Liu Dapeng is mysteriously burned alive. Next to die is Chen Hongfan, strung up by barbed wire. Yu Bingchuan freaks out, and Ye Qing assumes leadership of the tiny group. When the ship suddenly comes to a halt, they set off to find the engine room.

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I read a couple of reviews online and they talked about how bad the script is, that the storyline sucks and that they casted the characters as typically.

Of course there’s room for improvement in this movie, I’d liked it to be longer and have a more psychological effect on the actors.. but never the less it is a good movie, I enjoyed watching it and  I absolutely loved this movie, but I still feel like giving it a slightly lower grade. The actors and the scenery was great but at times it was rather hard to follow. The pace was fast and not super clear though it had a lot of the gore that I like. Blood, limbs coming off and these kind of things.

It had me confused a couple of times but overal I really enjoyed watching it. The end made me go “WHAT?!” and then again “WAIT WHAT?!” because it did an absolute double turn. If you like some gore and slight confusion. Definitely watch this movie.


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