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Movie and Series Review South Korea

Ever dreamed of Wonderland? Well i certainly did. Even though my wonderland was nothing like the one in this movie, ever since i saw the name i felt like i should watch it, and today i finally did! Read here what i thought of this movie!

Name: 앨리스 : 원더랜드에서 온 소년 / Alice: Boy from Wonderland
Also known as: Lost in wonderland
Director: Huh Eun Hee
Produced by: Choi Yoon / Choi Wook
Written by: Huh Eun Hee
Genre: Romance, Horror, Mystery
Release date: 10 December 2015
Running time: 115 Minutes


Hye Joong is a graduate student with very bad memories. So bad that they keep her from living normally and focussing on her studies. No doctor can help her, so she turns to a Shaman. The Shaman tells her to return to a place valled Wonderland. A villa where her familie vacationed when she was a young girl. In Wonderland she needs to find something that she lost within 15 years to stop the nightmares from re-occuring. Will she be able to find it? And who are the mysterious Hwan and Soo Ryun?

Spoilers! Do not read if you want to see the movie without any major spoilers


In my opinion it was a good movie, even though it felt more like a Thriller rather than a Horror. The movie was definitely interesting and even though it did not really feel as a Romantic movie, it definitely had a touch of it. However It wasn’t real Romance, rather a family love kind of love. Throughout the story the main character finds the clues quiet slow, which makes it happen very quickly in the end. I feel like they could have evened it out a little more. I also felt like the Day-Night balance was not so good. If i would rate it based on the said genre rather than on the movie itself, i would be very disappointed. The mysterious feel however was definitely present, and i did enjoy watching it as it was still an interesting plot.

Grade: 7/10
Even though i had the feeling they could have made the storyline a little more clear in my opinion. Some switches were made a little too quick. overall i liked the movie and it did keep me interested. It was a good movie.

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