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Shanghai Comic convention 2017

Shanghai Comic Convention is made possible by ReedPOP, an american based organization that started with New York Comic Con in 2006. Their first Shanghai Comic Con was in 2015 and they usually last for three days. This year the convention dates were right when I was in Shanghai so we decided to go since I usually go to the dutch conventions as well. The dates were 5, 6 and 7 of september in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center which is quite a large location so it promised a lot of potential.


When we were checking the website for tickets there was only one way to get tickets beforehand and you’d have to be living in Shanghai… so we had to buy at the door. We decided that going on the last day was best because usually that’s when the days are best in Europe.
We got there a little bit after it opened and what we noticed right away that there was little to no cosplay, though there were changing rooms in the venue we didn’t know about, this set a mood for us. We could easily buy tickets and then queued for about 20 minutes before getting inside.

They used quite a big hall and I was really excited when we came in.. for about 10 minutes. I noticed that there was nothing to do except for look at figurines and a WWE 3D photobooth. We still didn’t see any cosplayers.

There was a small space with different artists that sold some of their artwork and you could have yourself drawn by some of the artists but these had very long queues with fans. There were a few vendors selling different types of anime toys. comics, plushies and all these different country/types of music cds but it was such a mess with so many different types of genres. I saw Kumi Koda and a german singer of whom I forgot the name of in one stack and gave the row of cds a very confused look.

But that was it, I was more than disappointed that I spend around 22 euro for this and we left within 2 hours of coming in because we’d walked around the venue 6 times and there was nothing to do or see anymore. It could be that the date wasn’t right, but there also weren’t any (to us) noteworthy people around, When we left we did see two girls dressed as Harley and Joker and they were pretty good but nothing else.

I’ll post a list of the people on this Saturday; these were only cosplay and famous guests.

cosplay and media

There is a massive list of creator guests on their website.

My event rating
2 out of 5
I disliked it, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. There isn’t much I can say about it except for that then it was a total waste of time for me, We didn’t even get to take any pictures because there wasn’t really anything to do.

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