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With the release of “Oh Sole Mio” I decided to dive into this group. They seemed to have a different concept compared other K-pop groups. They gave me the more vocal-vibe that older K-pop groups used to give me, rather than the hiphop style you see a lot nowadays. With the Latina feel of Oh Sole Mio I decided to check them out a bit more; this is what I found:

Who are they?

SF9 is short for Sensational Feeling 9. They are a K-pop boy group formed under FNC Entertainment (known from FT Island, AOA and CNBlue). SF9 is the company’s first dance boy group to ever debut. They debuted on October 5th of 2016. Their first single album was Feeling Sensation. They also debuted in Japan.

Discography & Awards:
Up until how they have made 3 albums, 3 album singles and 4 singles. They have also been nominated for several awards but haven’t won any of them yet.

Burning sensation
Breaking sensation
Knights of the sun

Album singles:
Feeling sensation (Debut)
Easy love

So Beautiful
Easy love

Who are the members?

Name: Inseong
Birthname: Kim In Seong
Birthdate: 12th July 1993
Role: Main vocalist

Name: Youngbin
Birthname: Kim Young Bin
Birthdate: 23th November, 1993
Role: Leader and Rapper

Name: Jaeyoon
Birthname: Lee Jae Yoon
Birthdate: 9th August 1994
Role: Sub vocalist

Name: Dawon
Birthname: Lee Sang Hyeok
Birthdate: 24th July 1995
Role: Sub vocalist

Name: Zuho
Birthname: Baek Ju Ho
Birthdate: 4th July 1996
Role: Main rapper

Name: Rowoon
Birthname: Kim Seok Woo
Birthdate: 7th August 1996
Role: Lead vocalist

Name: Taeyang
Birthname: Yoo Tae Yang
Birthdate: 28th February, 1997
Role: Sub vocalist, Main dancer

Name: Hwiyoung
Birthname: Kim Young Kyun
Birthdate: 11th May, 1999
Role: Sub rapper

Name: Chani
Birthname: Kang Chan Hee
Birthdate: 17th January, 2000
Role: Sub rapper, Main dancer

I know for sure that I will listen to them some more, and I hope they will keep up the good work for the future! Let us know what you think of SF9 below!

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