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Movie Review: Before We Vanish

We went to Camera Japan Festival this year and picked out the movie Before we Vanish. A movie about three aliens coming to earth to gather information after taking over the bodies and memories a human they picked and then invade the earth with all of their other comrades.

Name: Before We Vanish (散歩する侵略者 Sanpo suru shinryakusha)
Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Written by:  Tomohiro Maekawa (Written the novel), Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Sachiko Tanaka (screenplay
Distributor: Shochiku and Nikkatsu
Release date: 16 September 2017 (Japan)
Running time: 129 minutes


Watch out this part might contain spoilers.
A couple of Shinji and Narumi, lived in a loveless marriage. One day Shinji left missing for a week and he got gentle and calm suddenly after coming home. Narumi was puzzled with its radical change. She asked what Shinji was doing while he was away. Shinji replied, ‘I just have strolled.’ For medical specialist, the cause of his symptoms were unclear. ‘I’m not sure your husband has brain disorders, memory loss or any other disease…’ A doctor only makes an ambiguous diagnosis. But one strange thing, the more he strolls, the better his brain disorders gets. Narumi gradually hopes to restart with Shinji as if there was no problem between their relationship. However, one day Shinji confesses to Narumi. ‘To tell the truth, I’m an alien. We’re invading Earth.’ The invasions continue to spread quietly like an infectious disease. At the same time, there is another crisis such as military tensions between neighborhood countries and the threat of war and possible. Invaders will make people’s town life restless…

Grade: 5/10
This movie felt rather slow to me, you’re waiting for a big climax and it just doesn’t come and when the end of the movie is finally there you’re just wondering “Did I spent my time waiting for this?”.  I feel like .. the entire movie was a bit scattered, like they couldn’t chose if they wanted to go full Sci-fi or keep it dramatic. Of course theres some giggles here and there and a bit violence and when they happen it’s great.. but it takes forever to get to these points and I was honestly dissapointed with the movie. Though I liked the way of filming, the settings of where these took place but overall I’m unimpressed.

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