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It was time for Halloween with all it’s glory and of course, all it’s events! This year I went to visit Neko Neko Nii Maid Cafe’s Pop up event again. Just like last year during Christmas, they had their Halloween event this time around too! With many spooks and thrills I went to the event.

Disclaimer: These are based on my personal opinion and I in no way want to hurt or misjudge the restaurants. Everyone has their own taste and experience. Don’t base your judgement on what I found and definitely check out the restaurant unless I explicitly post about it here. Due to privacy reasons we have covered the customers face’s with cute Halloween stickers!


Restaurant: SET – Rotterdam, Neko Neko Nii Maid Cafe Halloween Pop Up dinner
Address: West-Kruiskade 10B, 3014 AP Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
During: 21th October 2017
Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior: ★★★★☆
Staff: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★☆☆☆
Price: ★★★☆☆

Knowing Set, I myself am really fond of the lay out of the restaurant. It is quite modern but it still knows how to keep the Asian style through it. Of course, today the set up was brought into a more Halloween-y style. Neko Neko Nii Maid Café adjusted the restaurant to their liking with fake spider webs, cute flags and… Some Alpaca’s. Even though the spider webs were sort of a burden, as they stick to you when you pass by (No kidding, I got a piece of spider web stuck to my arm somewhere in between, which was still sort of hilarious though) they were still cute and nice.

As for the staff, the maids were very kind and cute. Even though it was hard to get their attention at some points, since they were quite busy with all the customers, I felt like they did everything in their power to let us have a nice stay. They played some games with us and did a “tasty food” cheer, where they stood in a row and said “Neko Neko Nii Power Up” together with the customers around that particular table. That’s right, the customers had to join, which made it somehow very funny too.

The waiting time for the food was quite long . We first got a small appetizer, I went with the Yakitori but it didn’t really fill much of our empty stomachs. After this we had to wait very long again, even though it didn’t bother me that much I noticed my friends getting more impatient with it. We were all becoming even more hungry and were happy the main dish was finally served. Though I do admit that the curry was a little empty, it still tasted okay. It contained enough rice to fill up my stomach, so even though the curry could have been more stuffed. I still think they could have put a little more effort in the main dish. The dessert however was very nice. It was chocolate mouse with Oreo sprinkles, strawberry and whipped cream. It was served on a nice plate for those who wanted to get a chocolate drawing done by one of the maids.

The Yaki ToriThe Curry with RiceThe chocolate mouse with Orea style desertCute maid Miharu making a chocolate drawing for a customerCute decorations

The price was okay too, even though we waited a long time and the main dish felt a little empty, the overall experience was nice. I would like to go again and see if they improved at the next Pop up event.

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