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Movie and Series Review South Korea

If you wanna watch something more light, or want to laugh a lot about rather silly, extra ordinary humor, this drama is the series to watch! It is definitely one of my favorite drama’s, based on the popular webtoon series, This time we will talk about Sound of your heart.


마음의 소리
Also known as: Sound of Your Heart, The Sound of Your Mind, Sound of Heart, Maeumui Sori
Language: Korean
Genre: Sitcom
Episodes: 20
Airing period: 7 November 2016 – December 2016
Lee Kwang Soo as Jo Seok
Kim Dae Myung as Jo Joon (Jo Seok’s older brother)
Jung So Min as Choi Sang Bong / AeBong
Kim Byeong Ok as Jo Chul Wang (Jo Seok’s father)
Kim Mi Kyung as Kwon Jung Kwon (Jo Seok’s Mother)



The Sound of your heart is a sitcom starring Lee kwang soo and Jung so Min. The first 10 episodes were aired as a web series on 7th of November, 2016 through Naver TV cast. the remaining 10 episodes were aired from December 2016. The web series hit 100 million views on Sohu TV and was ranked #1 among the Korean drama’s on the website. It has more than 40 million views in South Korea on Naver TV cast (as of February 2017) and is now airing on Netflix.

Stories from the daily adventures of Jo Seok and his wife Aebong and family.

This drama basically follows Jo Seok’s story in a form of 20 mini episodes. It is based on the popular Webtoon (Online comic) which goes by the same name. Through out the stories you will get to know Jo Seok and his family and girlfriend/wife in a form of silly humor. I, myself, loved this drama/serie and watched all 20 episodes within one day, which is easy since the episodes are about 15 minutes each. I would definitely watch this drama again and recommend it to everyone if you feel like you could use a laugh or cheer!


Grade: 10/10
I really enjoyed the series, and even now i can laugh a lot about it, when i see particular parts that remind me of the series skits. This is definitely a must watch for anyone!

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