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I started watching this drama relatively early. I believe they just finished airing episode 4. From that moment on i was hooked. I waited every week with a lot of excitement to watch the new episodes of this drama! We are talking about “Save me!” 

Name: 구해줘, Save Me
Also known as: Guhaejyo, Resque me
Language: Korean
Genre: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Crime, Dark
Episode: 16
Airing period: 05 August 2017 – 24 September 2017

Seo Ye Ji as Im Sang Mi
Ok Taecyeon as Han Sang Hwan
Woo Do Hwan as Suk Dong Chul
Lee David as Woo Jung Hoon
Ha Hoe Jung as Choi Man Hee


Sang mi finds herself stuck in a cult, in which she was dragged to by her father after her mother went crazy. On a rainy night she whispers “Save me” to her old schoolfriend which she crossed by accidently. From that point on they start fighting the cult together with their friends. Will they be able to save Sangmi? Will they take down the cult?

Spoilers! Do not read if you want to see the movie without any major spoilers.

Sangmi and her twin brother Sang Jin are being dragged into a new live. They leave the busy city to live in a smaller country side town. As school does not go too well at first her brother jumps off the school building because of various bullies. Dong cheol, Sang Mi’s friend tries to save him, but in vain. After his dead, Sang mi’s mother loses it and her father is convinced to start living in a said “sanctuary” called Guseowon.
The bully meets up with Dong Cheol and they get into a fight, which causes the Bully and Dong Cheol roll down a dangerous hill. The bully gets hurt and was no longer able to walk . Han sang whan sees his friend, Dong cheol, go to jail. Since his dad is the governer of the town he tries to help Dong Cheol but various happenings prevented him from that.
A few years later, Dong Cheol gets released from jail and Sang Hwan runs into Sang Mi, who has been living in very bad conditions because of her dad. She asks him to save her, he takes that serious and so he gathers his friends, later joined by Dong Cheol, to save Sang Mi from the cult and her dead.

Grade: 9/10
As i said before, i have been following this drama weekly as it was still being broadcasted and every week was a hell to wait. The story was so good, the cliffhangers had me scream in agony because i had to wait another long week to know how it would continue. The story itself was very impressing yet scary as those kind of practices might still happen to people (Maybe not exactly as this drama, but in certain ways which are related to this) all around the world. I totally loved this drama and it kept my attention from the start untill the end!

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