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Review: Kaomoji

Recently I bought a hoodie of the growing brand Kaomoji. The Japanese inspired brand in The Netherlands that’s perfect for your anime/Japan needs.
Here’s my review on that hoodie and learn a little bit about the two behind the brand.

About the brand (in their own words)

 Kaomoji is an online clothing store inspired by Japanese street fashion and anime culture. We, James and Leticia, founded the company in September 2015, after we discovered that our friends loved the designs we made jokingly at first. And now, what started as designing clothes for friends has turned into a growing international fan-base.

Kaomoji are literally Japanese smileys. This concept is formed by the combination of two words in Kanji, “kao” (顔 – “face”) and “moji” (文字 – “letters”).

We feel that fashion, like kaomoji, helps you to express your emotions. So, with kaomoji, we want to inspire people to express themselves in their clothing, and to show their love for anime culture and Japanese street wear. It is incredible to see our own enthusiasm for the culture and for our designs reflected in the comments we get from all of those who visit our shop!

What Ibought
I have been eyeing their items for a while now but I always felt a little too shy or too poor to buy any of it. I love their style, it’s clean and always in black and white which I absolutely love. They had a black friday sale and I decided, hey why not! I love this hoodie!

I bought their world’s hoodie. It’s advertised on their website as this:

Worlds • Hoodie  69,95
Original design by: kaomoji
Inspired by: Porter Robinson
We were so inspired by Porter’s amazing WORLDS album, that we made this very comfy and warm hoodie.
You should definitely take a listen to his album.
Limited stock and is released once a year.
Get it while you can!
Print on back:
“I’m just trying to find what is important.”
Print on right sleeve:
Front print:

I ordered an L because I’m bigger and I like my hoodies baggy anyway. I had a Black Friday code so 20% or so off the original price.
With postage I paid  55,91. Which in my eyes is steep but then again I usually buy band hoodies at the same price so I’m totally fine with it.
So I ordered it on the 28th of November and it arrived on 30th so super speedy delivery! I was so pleased with it.

What I got

Overall thoughts
there’s some lose threads here and there but nothing too major, it feels super soft and it’s nice and warm. For the price I wouldn’t buy another one just as quick but I am really really pleased with it and it makes me feel good when I wear it.

So I would say, if you want to buy from them, do it! it’s totally worth it! I will look into buying different shirts or other items in the future!

Great job Kaomoji, you got yourself a new fan 😉

if you want anything of them or just to check them out go to their website

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