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Concert Review: ONE OK ROCK in Amsterdam

We have written about these guys last week and finally on the 21st of december it was time for their show. The people who follow our Facebook, twitter and instagram might have seen the live videos and uploads come by. But here’s our review of the entirety of it.

Please note this is based on our personal experience and happenings. We hereby do not mean to harm or hurt anyone. Thank you.

The entrée
We got there a bit too early for my liking but in the end I was quite happy because there was a huge queue in the end that took forever to get inside, there was a VIP meeting before hand that I actually haven’t heard anything about by anyone but I do know that they were supposed to go in at a certain time but it took about 30 minutes longer, so we went in around 30 minutes later aswell. Having been to De Melkweg I knew what we were expecting and we almost immediately ( after putting our jackets and bags away and buying our merchandise) made our way up for the best view on the balcony.
The DJ played the most mismatched music while we were waiting for the first band to play.. think Taylor Swift and Katy Perry while there were a lot of rock and metal guys and girls.. But whatever right? people were excited and having fun dancing stupidly to them, it was fun to watch people while they came in, the atmosphere was really calm and relaxing, everyone was excited.

Opening Act
They had an opening act I actually didn’t bother to look for before the show started, CROWN THE EMPIRE, I was wondering what they were about and to be honest.. I liked them, they were a bit crazy and dancing a lot but their heavy metal sounds were pretty dope. I saw a couple people rocking out to them hard and it’s always a nice thing to see.

After their half hour or so set we had to wait for about half an hour for people to change the instruments and what not and I just stood there watching people move around, get drinks, go to the bathroom or be excited. The lights went off and the show started, everyone was screaming and yelling in excitement and they launched into BOMBS AWAY. Everyone around us was singing and dancing, the sound was great, the band was great. After a couple of songs I had to go down and go to the bathroom but unlucky me had no way to get back into my place and the rest of the show was left staring at a concrete beam holding up the balcony. Of course I was terribly upset but that didn’t stop me from listening to them play and sing. Closing my eyes I could exactly hear every sound and they kept sounding amazing, the crowd was going crazy not far from me and I noticed a few moshpits starting when they ended with American Girls the crowd went even more wild, items were thrown, a picture was taken and that was the show.

Setlist ( Setlist found here)

  1. Bombs Away
  2. (English version) Taking Off
  3. (English version) Clock Strikes
  4. Bon Voyage
  5. (Japanese version) Bedroom Warfare
  6. (English version) I Was King
  7. (English version) Hard to Love
  8. (Acoustic version) Take What You Want
  9. (Partially acoustic, English… more version – With long silence) Jam Session
  10. (Instrumental) The Beginning
  11. Jaded
  12. Mighty Long Fall
  13. (English version – Restarted… more after a girl passed out) We are
  14. (English version) Encore:
  15. American Girls

Grade: 9
For most an amazing experience though the fact I couldn’t see a thing wasn’t as much fun though I have seen them before and I know what they’re capable off. So did everyone there since the show was completely sold out. The next time they come to Europe I am definitely going again and getting myself the best place in the entire hall.

All pictures and videos are property of Saetori. Please do not take or use without permission.

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