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Food Japan Review

Warning: Do not drink if you are underaged. We do not mean to encourage anyone upon doing so. We are not responsible for the after effects of underage-drinking.

We are back with another Japanese beer review! This time we dove into one of the best selling beers of Japan, beter know as Asahi.  They are said to have change the Beer culture in Japan. You might wonder why, Let’s see into it.


Asahi was founded in 1889, in Osaka. During the First World War German prisoners worked in the brewery. The company’s primary beer (from 1957 through the late 1980’s) was Asahi Gold. In 1987 Asahi introduced Asahi Super Dry, a product that eventually transformed the modern beer industry in Japan. It is described as a highly attenuated lager without the heavy malt flavor (unlike competitors’ beer products) with a crisp, dry taste reminiscent of some nothern German beers. Asahi Super dry succesfully lef to a rise in the consumers demand for Dry beer in Japan, making Asahi surpass Kirin in both sales and profitability. By early 2017, the Super Dry brand was Japan’s best selling beer.

Please take note that this is based on a personal opinion. Tastes differ.

This beer tastes slightly bitter than the Kirin beer i’ve tried before. It is probably the Japanese beer how i used to know it. Because it is slightly less sweet, it has this nice dry after taste which i totally love. The foam, however, is gone rather quickly after pouring the drink in a glass. The bubbles stayed longer though, hence it still contained the bubbly feeling.

As for the design, the bottle itself has 2 labels, one around the bottle neck and one on it’s body.
The label around the bottleneck says “Japan’s No. 1 Beer” with the Asahi logo underneath it. The bottle itself is the typical beer bottle, it does not contain anything special. The sticker has golden bakgrounds but it does not contain any structure.

The body label as well, is a simple sticker without any structure. It has a silver background, and contains the Logo, as well with the word Dry in bigger red letters. It states in smaller letters “The beer for all seasons”. The label also states it is 5% alcohol, the same as Kirin.


Grade: 8/10
With this beer too, I find the design itself rather simple. It is not very eye catching and the sticker structure is very flat. The bottle is a typical beer bottle with no engravemens or whatsoever.
The taste of the beer itself is very good, the bubbles stayed long enough to be able to enjoy them and the dry after taste made it feel perfect for a cold autumn evening. however the foam was non existent. I always like the first sip to contain some foam, sadly it was gone before I could try. If you like dry beer, Asahi is the beer to get!

Source: Wikipedia, Google, Bottle Pictures by Saetori! Please do not take out without proper credits.

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