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What would you do if you meet a boy who looks quite wild? He looks dirty, messy and on top of all, He can’t speak! This movie is all about it. A family finds a rather young, but wild looking boy and has to take him in seeing the circumstances. What they discover next is quite the thrill!

Name: A Werewolf boy
Also known as: 늑대소년, Neukdae Sonyeon
Director: Jo Sung Hee
Produced by:  Kim Su Jin, Yu In Beom, Jeong Tae Seong
Written by: Jo Sung Hee
Distributor: Bi Dang Il Pictures
Release date: September 11, 2012
Running time: 122 minutes
Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Kim Sun Yi is sick and moves to the country side with her family due to her condition. As they move in they find a feral boy. She and her family take him in and soon Sun Yi notices this isn’t a normal boy. As she and her family take care of him and call him Chul Soo, assuming that he is one of the many children that got orphaned during the Korean war. Sun Yi trains him with help of a book she found in between their belongings. It is a dog-train book. The process goes slow but doesn’t stop her. One day they go to the local market, there the boy saves Sun Yi and her little sister from a falling iron bar. Chul soo wasn’t hurt a bit. From there on they found out he wasn’t your average feral boy (if it is average in the first place). Will the neighbors accept it? Will Sun Yi and Chul Soo be able to stick together?


This was definitely a good movie. I am a big fantasy lover, so the name immediately caught me. The start was very interesting. You see how they get to live at the place where the movie is set, they barely settled down when they found the boy. The story continues as you see the struggles the family has as it lives with a “dog like” boy.  As the girl figures out how to train the werewolf boy, you slowly see they start liking each other more. The girl eventually overcomes some of her fears. The way they found out this wasn’t an average boy was quite intimidating yet it had me totally caught in the moment. At the point where the bad guy tries to turn the whole village against them, the story turns more dark and you will get filled with certain emotions. Even though some emotions have been a little to exaggerated (in my opinion) the story holds a lot of points of interest and it definitely kept me watching keenly until the end of the movie.

Grade: 8/10
I understand why this is an award-winning movie. Me myself also had to dry some tears halfway. The way you bond with the characters in this movie is rather good and you will feel yourself getting sucked into the story! Definitely a must watch.

Sources: Wikipedia, Google

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