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Review: Snackfever subscription

I’ve been getting a lot of commercials for the Snackfever subscription box, I decided to give it a try and see what the hype was about. Here is my review of the November box !

About Snackfever (in their own words)
Snackfever is a delivery of Korean snacks, food, ramen and fun items curated around a surprise theme each month. From spicy to savory to cute, our expert oppa’s from Koreatown Lost Angeles curate, pack and deliver them straight to your doorstep. Our goal is to bring you a little piece of Korea in a box.

What I got
I ordered an Original one time box on November 16 2017 and it arrived on the 29th of november. I paid $ 25,99 (€ 21,70) and the box is supposed to have 8 to 12 items per product and the shipping is $3,99 (€3,33). I feel like the shipping was really fast and I got my items really quick. I just barely had any time to review them.

Theme and content
The theme of this months box was “Your Idol’s Favorite” and it’s supposed to be items that idols like. It had a couple of freebies inside. Here’s an unboxing video I did .(it’s my first time doing one so do give me pointers on what to improve besides lighting and focus).

Summary of items
They proviced a booklet with what’s inside your box and their promotional text. you can see these under this. They specify which box had what item. So you can also see what you missed with a bigger box. the red box with the tick on it is the box I had.

The items I liked most were the Pepero Vanilla Black Cookie, I-Sho and I liked the Maxim coffee the least.


My thoughts on the box
I liked it, I really liked it. The items were fun though at least the coffee wasn’t my flavour (I like my coffee black and strong, these were mostly milk.).
My favorite thing in the entire box so far was the I-Sho sour candies and the drumstick chips. Pepero I had often enough to not be amazed by them anymore.
I actually want to order their other boxes aswell to try them out because I liked the snack box so much. I would definitely tell anyone to order it or the other ones.




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