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Just out! There’s a new artist from South Korea. His debut is today,
His name is HOLLAND and his first single will be called NEVERLAND.

It will be his first time coming out in the music industry and he has released the teaser of his first video this week, and now his full video and his first digital single have been released. Neverland is a story about a boy who wants to get away from the numerous discrimination he has experienced so far. It is noteworthy how Holland’s singing of honest love will bring about a change in the music industry.

In the video that was released on the 15th, Holland made a muted atmosphere by alternating with the words “We are young and I love you” with the lyrics and conflicts with being happy with their lover.”

Things you need to know; If you’ve read LGTB in South Korea being gay in Korea isn’t the easiest thing.. on reddit and k-netizens webforums they talk explicitly about the wording “coming out” because combined with the video there is only hints about his possible sexuality or maybe it’s just an act? Who knows? So far with the teaser; we like what we hear.. it sounds like it will be a great love ballad or maybe even a little indie styled ballad though we have no idea under what label he will be signed under. but we do know that his video was produced by Over the fence.

The video and song

The video for Neverland has been released. First of I feel like it’s really a ballad I like the music, it matches his voice well and the English sentences really tie well together with the song. The atmosphere if very romantic and Holland kissing his boyfriend deeply makes the video just makes the romantic vibe jump out. Though I’m not sure if it’s an after breakup song this song will definitely be my new favourite for February. Check it out guys!

All in all; we’re excited and we will keep our eyes open for HOLLAND, when the video comes out we’ll review/post about it!  You should follow him aswell on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Other LGBT artists/concepts
I’ve spotted a couple more artists doing this type of concept and of course there’s some gossip here and there, so here’s a couple of LGBT themed videos to tie you over until we know more about HOLLAND.

  2. MAMAN – Obvious Story
  3. KWILL – Please Don’t..
  4. Monsta X – ALL IN
  5. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
    And in light of number five – 2PM/AM mash up of this song;
  6. Dirty Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Tell us how you feel about this new artist; or the artists we found for you to listen to!
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