Review: Sapporo – Japan’s oldest beer brand

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Warning: Do not drink if you are underaged. We do not mean to encourage anyone upon doing so. We are not responsible for the after effects of underage-drinking.

Today we have another Beer waiting for you. This time it is Sapporo beer. Coming from the oldest brand of beer in Japan, we will review Sapporo Breweries beer! Let’s go!

Sapporo Breweries Ltd. is a Japanese brewery founded all the way back in 1876. It is, hereby, the oldest beer brand in Japan. It was first brewed y Seibei Nakagawa, in Sapporo (what a surprise) back in 1876. Their nowadays world headquarters is in Shibuya, Tokyo. Back in 2006 the company purchased the Canadian company Sleeman Breweries.

Sapporo Breweries has 5 breweries throughout Japan, 1 in Canada (The Sleeman Brewery) and one in Wisconsin, United States. The main brands are Sapporo draft (Premium in North America) Yebisu and Sleeman Cream Ale. Sapporo Premium has been the best selling Asian beer in the United States since Sapporo opened their brewery there in 1984.

Please take note that this is based on a personal opinion. Tastes differ.

The beer tastes bitter sweet, i find it the perfect japanese beer taste as neither of the flavors overflow. There is a good balance. The foam was quite nice for bottled beer, however i never expect a lot from bottled beer foam. The aftertaste was sweet yet nice

As for the design, this bottle has only 1 sticker on the body. It is more eye catching because it has a big golden star that grabs your view from the moment you lay your eyes on it. The bottle isn’t your regular bottle shape but has a slightly wider neck, and it is slightly shorter than the Asahi bottle, which makes it more special in a way. This beer has a 4,7 % alcohol, which is slightly less than Asahi or Kirin Ichiban.

Grade: 8/10
The design is slightly more special since the form is different. The star is very eye catching too. As for the taste i think  it is quite the good taste for a evening with friends!  I believe the oldest beer isn’t the oldest beer for nothing after all! It is still alive in it’s flavor and design!

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