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Valentine’s day in Korea

In Korea things go differently from the western world or Japan. Instead of giving cards, roses or heartshaped chocolates, they have a Love-related day every 14th of every month. As for valentines day.. things go a little like this

Just like the rest of the world, the 14th of February is also known as Valentines day in Korea. The only difference is that boys don’t have to do a thing (yet). Valentines day is all about the girls giving chocolate and candies to the boys they like or date. Normally you are supposed to give handmade candies and chocolates, but you know how it goes, It is easier and in some cases better to just buy chocolates in stead.

As you might know Valentine’s day (or also known as Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast of Saint Valentine) is a Western Christian liturgical feast. Then how did it end up in Asia, you might wonder. That is probably because of a concentrated marketing effort. Because of this, Valentines day is celebrated in East Asian countries, making China and South Korea spending the most money on Valentine gifts. It is also stated that Korean women give a much higher amount of chocolate than Japanese women do.

“But what about the boys? Won’t we girls get something too?” Worry not! you only need to wait 1 month longer. On the 14th of March it is White day. If a girl gave you chocolates or candy, You need to get some for her too! Beside that you are supposed to get a small gift for her as well.

Didn’t get any chocolates on Valentines day or White day? Don’t worry, we got YOUR back as well. the 14th of April is the perfect day for you. This is the day where all the single people who did not get any chocolate or presents can eat black bean noodles (also known as Jjajangmyeon) and drown in their own tears of loneliness.

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