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12 Days of Love in Korea

In Korea they have the 12 days of love! Every 14th of the month is a special day. Here is a small overview page of all the Love days.. With some help from the Kakaotalk emoticons!

January: Diary day/Candle day
On this day couples and friends give each other blanc pages, or diaries. This is to encourage each other to write about the good times in the coming year. This day can also be celebrated as candle day where people give each other decorated candles.

February: Valentine’s day

This is like your Western Valentine’s day, only with a twist! Instead of buying chocolates/candies for each other, the girls are supposed to get the boys sweets and chocolates! In some cases the girls will make the chocolates themselves!
Read more about the Korean Valentine’s day here.

March: White day

This is the day where the boys should return their love by buying chocolates and small presents from the girls who gave them chocolates on 14th of February.

April: Black day

This is the sad and black day for everyone who did not receive love in February and March. The black day where singles will mourn their single life and eat Jjajangmyeon, also known as Black bean noodles.

May: Rose day/Yellow day

On this day couples wear Yellow clothes and give their significant other a bouquet of roses! Also, the singles that are still empty, even after the Jjajangmyeon on Black day can fill their stomachs with yellow curry.

June: Kiss day

On this day in June it is all about the kisses! Grab yourself a person and kiss!!

July: Silver day

On this day couples get each other Silver rings. This can mean as a promise to marry each other but it also happens when they introduce each other to their parents.. Things are becoming more serious!

August: Green day

For Single people this day is all about drinking soju, which happens to come in a green bottle. However, for couples it is a day to enjoy nature! Stroll around a park, go on a hike or go to the forest! Enjoy the beauty of nature together with your lover!

September: Photo day/Music day

Grab your camera and go make some photo’s of your loved ones! Or go to a special photo booth! This day is all about the pictures, and then end it with some nice Noraebang (Karaoke) to complete the day.

October: Wine day

Couples share a bottle of wine while singles can just gulp it down by themselves. Either way, this day is all about grape juices.

November: Movie day

Time to watch a movie! Take your Boy/girl-friend to the cinema or just watch one at home. Grab the popcorn and have fun~

December: Hug day

This doesn’t need much explaination, just like June’s kiss day!  Grab the person you care about and hold them tight! This day is all about hugging!

Now that you have an idea about what the 12 love days of Korea are, Which one would you like to join? Let us know in the commentbox!

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