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Last Friend

What would you do in an abusive relationship, with almost no way out? Or perhaps you are struggling with Gender identify issues, solitude or a trauma? But are you still looking for a good drama? Look no more, this drama is not only a very good one to watch, it might even help you through certain situations! Whatever it is, always remember there are friends who can help you out in any situation.


Name: Last Friend
Also known as: ラスト·フレンズ Rasuto Furenzu
Language: Japanese
Genre: Drama, Friendship
Episodes: 12
Airing period: April 10 – June 19, 2008
Main cast:

From left to right:
Asami Mizukawa as Eri
Eita as Takeru
Juri Ueno as Ruka
Masami Nagasawa as Michiru
Ryo Nishikido as Sousuke

Michiru recently started living with her boyfriend, which she holds dear. Not long after she finds her old high school friend, Ruka, as they started reconnecting the jealousy of Sousuke, Michiru’s precious boyfriend, changes everything. The next thing she knows is that she finds herself in an abusive relationship. Not knowing what to do, she goes to Ruka for help, However Ruka has her own issues. Living in a share house with several other people, she realizes that deep inside she is a boy. Having to live through pressured situations, being a girl on the outside but a boy inside, doesn’t make it easier. Along with the other people in the share house they form some sort of alliance. Will each of them be able to overcome their personal situations? Is Michiru’s relationship sinking, or is she able to safe it after all?

(Spoiler alert! Do not read this past if you are still watching or are planning to watch this drama and don’t wanna read spoilers.)

This is the definition of drama! The story doesn’t play around merely the main characters problem, instead it follows multiple characters with issues. Of course Michiru is in the middle, but throughout the story you meet a few characters from which you also see the struggles widely. This drama follows the issues of Domestic voilence, Gender identity disorder and trauma. The 5 “main” characters each represent one of these issues.

Love – Michiru
Liberation – Ruka
Agony – Takeru
Sollitude – Eri
Contradiction – Sousuke

This drama is an eye opener in many ways. You might be able to place yourself in one of the characters as the issues vary a lot. You will see how they handle the situation and maybe learn from it in other ways, or how you yourself can handle it. Beside that the story of this drama is quite violent, yet so interesting. I wasn’t able to take a break and binge watched this series from the start to the end!


Grade: 8/10
Since it is a drama of 12 episodes, each lasting 1 hour, this drama is perfect for a good Sunday afternoon binge-watch. As the story takes you through different situations and stories, it is definitely a recommendable drama. There is not one moment I got bored of this drama. So far, this drama made it to my top 10 favorites.

Source: Wikipedia, Google

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