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Review: Doki Doki Japan Crate

In the last year I’ve been trying out two subscription boxes, Korean snackfever and the Japan Crate Doki Doki box. as much as I loved Snackfever, I dislike Doki Doki a lot. First of all you can’t order just one box though I was sure I only ordered one so I ended with paying for two months and I’m glad I got to stop it. Though I loved the new years box much more let’s start with the first one.

As I was deciding to order it, you could add a code and get last months box aswell so I did, I ordered the december box and received the November box aswell. I totally forgot about them when they were to arrive and they arrived within a day of each other so I was terribly confused for a moment there.
The Box
There is a different subscription plan for the boxes, I picked a one time only plus the November box for free. Shipping international is free on Japancrate so that’s great. I always feel a bit uneasy being stuck with a box for a longer time while I’m not sure about it. It’s nice though that you get to save some money with the options you would want to pay for them.

I don’t remember which I opened first but I’ve never been as disappointed as this.
When the next box came the next day my spirits were lifted a bit, besides from having my moneys worth this had some stuff that I was actually kind of glad with but still I felt like it was a stretch and I decided I wouldn’t order this box again. Lo and behold when they took another $30 of my account the same month for the January box.

When the next box came I was kind of happy though, as for the new year they kept the line in the year of the dog. It had a cute dog mat and other cute dog items inside and I am currently using the dog mat since it’s so friggin’ sweet.

Other than that I will never ever order this box again and I’m doubting hard if I want to try another of Japan Crates boxes because I really didn’t like it. However, this is my opinion and other people might love it whenever it comes in. So please don’t base your sole opinion on what I say. I added an unboxing video so you can at least see what it’s about and decide for yourself.

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