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Since Halloween was around the corner, it was time for the yearly Horror marathons. So I took my Nightmare before last Christmas mug, some snacks and a stuffed animal to squeeze in case of terror and picked this movie to enjoy my pre-Halloween October time of the year. Let’s get ready for a game of Hide .. but never seek!


One-Man_Tag-p1Name: Hide and never seek
Other name(s): One man tag/ Honsoom /혼숨
Director: Lee Doo Hwan
Writer: Jung Hyun Doo / Lee Doo Hwan
Release date: October 27 2016
Runtime: 90 Minutes


Spoilers! Do not read if you want to see the movie without any major spoilers.

BJ Yagwang and PD Park run a live broadcast stream called “AfreecaTV” where they basically do anything Horror related. Every week they try to top the previous week’s stream by looking for more fearful and provocative materials. One day they receive a video about the disappearance of an high school student. She disappeared after doing a strange, doll involved, ritual. They try calling a ghost and play hide and seek alone. However, the game remained unfinished as the “Doll” and student disappeared. BJ Yagwang and PD Park decide to film in the abandoned building where the student disappeared. Can they solve the mystery on live broadcast?


Since I did not get the major spooks and was able to walk around undisturbed afterward (Note: I live alone) I don’t think it was really that scary. However I did enjoy the movie. The “Live broadcast” camera works sure added some scary moments, which were more caused by the eerie feeling of the movie and the fact that you actually expect something popping up. The story itself was good and kept me interested, However i felt that the end of it was slightly anti-climaxed. If you want a scary halloween night, but do not get scared easily this is not the movie you want to add on your list.

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