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Restaurant review: Kommune Shanghai

Tianzifang being one of my most favorite places to visit due to the narrow streets, the cute tiny shops and the great people we came across this cafe while walking through it on our last trip to China. You can’t miss it as you walk right through the center of it while going from one street into the next. We were drawn in by the atmosphere, the great looking beers and the amazing looking food. We had settled down at Kommune Cafe in Shanghai!

Kommune was opened in Tianzifang 15 years ago and seems to have been thriving well since then. There isn’t much information to find about them on their website but I do know they have events on the first and last thursday of every month ( a beer tasting and a wine tasting) and every monday they have a bingo where you can win up to 1000 RMB (€ 129,-) worth of prices. We didn’t go there on this type of day however… so we just had drinks and some amazing lunch. We saw a lot of people come in and smoke shisha as well, it smelled and looked great.

Kommune courtyard
The cafe and their courtyard.

Another fun part is that Kommune Cafe sells their own merchandise. Think of dented enamel cups, shirts, jars and a special fortune cookie called the Ba-Scotti.

Restaurant: Kommune Cafe
Address:        The Yard, No.7, Lane 210 Taikang Rd / 卢湾区泰康路210弄7号5室.
200025 Shanghai, China
During:          October 2017

Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior: ★★★☆☆
Staff: ★★★★☆
Food: ★★★★★
Price: ★★☆☆☆
Accessibility: ★★☆☆☆


Breakfast menu (click to enlarge)Lunch menu (click to enlarge)Dinner menu (click to enlarge)

We initially stopped for just a drink as we had been walking quite some time but the couple next to us had ordered some lunch and just watching them eat we couldn’t help but have to order something our self.

I have to say, compared to many of the Chinese food shops of course this place is a little bit more expensive. Usually we went for food around 10 RMB (€ 1,-) but their breakfast was calling for us. We both ordered the Big Daddy. Cast iron plate filled with a chorizo sausage, baked beans, roasted tomatoes, bacon, rosemary potatoes, mushroom, toast and eggs. You could pick how you wanted your egg, I went with a sunny side up (the runny kind) and my mom went with over hard. We also got some fruit on the house. It was costing us 88 RMB each and we had a nice cold beer to follow.

Big Daddy
Ohhhh Big Daddy

I never really liked baked beans… but I do now! thanks to this place. It was absolutely perfect and I really liked the cast iron plate with the enamel cups. I liked how you can pick the way you like your eggs, of course it gets a little messy while you eat but there’s nothing I can really dislike about it. They treated us well, the food was great, the scenery was great too.

People passing by couldn’t help but peek into people’s plates and drool.
I’m actually a little bummed I didn’t think to buy one of their awesome dented enamel mugs and whenever I go back I will indeed go and get one and try their hot chocolates.

I really want to recommend this place to anyone in Shanghai craving some good food, it leaves you absolutely full and satisfied. The guys even ask if they can take your picture for their site and pictures of you with your camera.  Kommune Cafe was really one of the best experiences I had eating ‘foreign food’ in Shanghai.

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