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Review: Doshirakfever Subscriptionbox

Before we’ve talked about the Snackfever subscription box. This time we chose another box and went one of the other two boxes from the same company. The Doshirak fever box. Doshirak (도시락) means “lunch box” in Korean and the guys and girls at Snackfever provide instant lunchbox items. Think of sauces to put on rice, soups and other items. Always paired with something traditional or useful for your lunchbox.


I chose the doshirak box this time because it looked good and fun! It came pretty quick because the guys and girls at Snackfever send in three waves and if you order close to one of the three you will receive it rather quick. Next one will definitely be the Ramen box.

Inside were the following items
and the info they gave us in the booklet

  • Fire Tteobbokki
    Tteobbokki, the fire type.
  • Nabani Rice Bowl
    A big Jeju pork Nubucki over cooed rice filled with vegetables and a special sauce.
  • Spicy Squid
    This mini spicy squid side dish is the perfect alternative to just having a plain meal.
  • Cup-Bab
    Instant cup rice in one of 6 flavours.
  • Color
    powder mix for your milk
  • Bibim Tuna Sauce
    Kimchi and tuna lovers rejoice! Mix this bulgalbi sauce of tuna with your rice and save your tummy from hunger! ( tuna in tomato sauce)
  • Salmon & Cheese Seasoning
    Upgrade your everyday lunch with more nutrients and flavour. Simply mix it in with your rice for some super easy added flavour.
  • Sagol Ugeoji Soup
    Have this refreshing soup made from ox-bone and other vegetables after a long day.


The box [ cat not included}Toppings, sauces and vitaminsSoups and a rice bowlSoup, side dishes and a gift


So far I’ve only tried the Tteobbokki but that was a mistake. I had read the booklet wrong and didn’t register that it was Fire Tteobbokki…. I almost died with how spicy it is. So if you’re interested in fire noodles these might be something you’d love.

Overal I love the concept of subscription boxes, it’s like getting a gift of strangers, receiving new food items every month. I would actually get a full subscription on this but I rarely get the chance to finish the food that I’ve gotten.

If you love receiving food you can’t get in the shops around here, definitelly order it at and hopefully soon enough we’ll order their ramyun box and try it out!


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