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Interview: Special BTS ARMY

As we wanted to put some ARMY in the spotlight we decided to ask them a couple of questions about their passion. As BTS is a big part or big influence in their life these days. We wrote about ARMY and BTS before but now we talked to BreAnna and Alysha.


So you’re a BTS fan, How did you find BTS and what has attracted you so much to them?

BreAnna: It was sort of a downward spiral, to some extent. Technically, the first time I listened to Kpop was a group called SS501 when I was a freshman in high school but then, I kind of forgot about it. I would listen to the songs occasionally but that was it. Sophmore year of college, my best friend suddenly had me watching Big Bang and it sort of went down hill from there. It went from Big Bang to Nu’est to Got7 to BTS. I generally love laughing and their personalities are so glaringly different than what we see from celebrities in America. They’re all so happy and bright and it’s hard not to love them for it. It’s hard for me to like a group just based on their music. I have to like the personalities of the people performing it and BTS certainly fits that quota.

Alysha: Well the story is actually pretty easy, I was watching an YouTube video and my next recommendation video was a BTS video so I decided to watch it and I was impressed. what attracted me? Probably Jungkook’s hotness 😀

Have they influenced your other interests? (eg: Did you get more in Korean culture?)

BreAnna: I’ve had a lot of things that have influenced the ways that I’ve changed since starting college but they are one of them. I’ve always been interested in other countries and people from all over the world, the university I attend has a very diverse student body, so my interest sort of affirmed that for me. I do have an interest in Korean culture but I feel that it has also helped me have an interest in people in general. I also feel that it brings more opportunities to learn about others as I continue to meet more people. A wide variety of people love BTS and we all have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Alysha: They actually did, I’m trying to learn Korean and I know a lot about Korea now than before I found out about them

What’s your favorite song and why?

BreAnna: This is a… difficult question. It changes a lot for me but honestly, I’ve been pretty caught between Fake Love, The Truth Untold (that’s the name on Spotify at least), and Magic Shop. I seem to be having a hard time deciding which is the favorite, though.

Alysha: omg that’s a hard one…. Probably: Dead leaves/ Autumn leaves, just because I really love blackbear and it gives me blackbear vibes (mainly because they bought the beat from him XD)

Have you picked a bias? Who?

BreAnna: I do have a bias. Since the beginning, my bias has been Jimin. It started that way because he is the member closest to my age (I am, ironically, literally one day older than him). As time passed, his cute personality and generally happy disposition kept him in the position and I hope to continue to watch him become more comfortable with himself and his abilities.

Alysha: Yeah I surely have, Mr. Genius aka Suga (Min Yoongi)


How do you feel about the BTS fandom “ARMY”? Do you feel part of it? What do you like and dislike most about ARMY.

BreAnna: Sometimes, I can feel a bit conflicted about being called ARMY. The only reason being that there are people that can get very angry if you don’t dedicate your full attention to BTS. I don’t have a number one group, I have a top six. My attention is generally split between Big Bang, Nu’est, Got7, BTS, Monsta X, and Winner. At the same time, I’m also a college student so I can’t always afford to buy albums or merchandise. I only have the two most recent albums even though I’ve been a fan for 2 1/2 years. Sometimes, it can feel as if I haven’t done enough to support them because I’ve never gotten to go to a concert or do some of the more intense things that other fans can do. I like the community that can be created in ARMY. We have the potential to band together and be supportive of each other, to be a network not just for BTS but also for each other. There is no greater ability in the world than that. For my dislike, it also means that we have the potential to tear each other down and sometimes, that’s exactly what happens. I just hope we can find a way to get along and live our lives peacefully, feeling fully supported.

Alysha: I really feel a part of this big family I really like the fact that we can tell each other every thing, because we’re so close like a family I don’t really dislike anything, But I HATE the fanwar between Exo-L’s & ARMY’S , we are here to enjoy their music and personality’s, not to hate on others….

To you; what makes BTS who they are? Do you feel like they are different from other groups? please tell us your views on them.

BreAnna: BTS has a strong devotion to their fans and they do everything they can to please them, sometimes to the extent to destroying or losing pieces of themselves. As time passes, we see little bits of their personalities that we didn’t see before. We can watch Yoongi shift from being mostly quiet and reserved to being an adorable little bean who can make just about anyone smile. No matter what, they put out the music they want to make. They don’t seem like they’re just making music to chart or amuse their fans, every album is unique in its’ sound and style and reflects their ever changing opinions of the world around them. Every Kpop group has its’ own unique style and flair and it makes me happy to see that. No one is copying each other, they instead showcase the things that make them different. No other Kpop group has the unique collection of personalities that BTS has and no other group ever will. They are peaceful, loving souls who just want to see the world bettered.

Alysha: BTS is a group I’ve never seen before, they’re great singers, they have amazing personalities, They know how to please fans, and they are really sweet irl.

What are your hopes for BTS and/or ARMY?

BreAnna: I hope that they will continue to be happy and satisfied in everything that they do and that they are given an opportunity to rest. They have been working hard and they deserve it. I also hope that ARMY continues to support them. We can be a bit demanding sometimes so I do hope that we can learn to be patient and allow them the time that they need to rest and recover.

Alysha: I hope that Bangtan just gets more attention because these guys deserve all the love and support and I hope that ARMY’S can keep supporting BTS and never turn against them.
Please give us any more information you want to give that we haven’t asked about.

BreAnna: I am planning to be a cinematographer in either film or music videos so I love the opportunities to watch things like their music videos and stage performances and learn from them. An example would be watching the 3J dance performance from last year. As you watch it, it’s easy to be pulled into the choreography due to the precision and execution, but that’s not all that I notice in videos. As I watch, I can see the way that the music affects the camera work. In a fast paced song, like the song that J-Hope performed, you can watch the way that the camera switches with each beat of the song, keeping pace and drawing you into the heat and excitement of the moment. Things like that inspire me to learn more about my craft and how to better myself.

Alysha: BTS is an amazing boygroup that deserves a lot of love, so please give them a chance, just try to listen to their music, watch some crack video’s, get to know them ANYTHING. Just give them a chance. If you all have some questions just PM me on Twitter


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