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CASS Strictly Kpop #8

On June 29, edition #8 of Strictly Kpop was hosted at HAL 4 Aan de Maas, Rotterdam. Strictly KPOP is a party who’s name says it all, ONLY KOREAN POP MUSIC will be played all night. The event is made for everyone of all ages who loves Korea and Korean pop music. It attracts people from all around The Netherlands (and sometimes outside of it) to come party all night and we of Saetori joined them for another night to dance and meet people with the same interests.

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The programme for this edition was filled with lots of activities that caused for a lot of joy under Kpop fans. One of the main events during the evening are the dance and singing competitions with the ultimate prize at stake: the much sought after BTS tickets for their World Tour. Visitors could also take part in a noraebang (karaoke) and sing their hearts out to their favorite Korean songs. On the 2nd floor there was room for all exhibitors selling a range of different items from merchandise, clothing, cosmetics, food to handmade products. For this evening they served the Korean beer brand CASS, which is a fresh and light beer.

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Somaek Entertainment
Somaek Entertainment is an organisation (lead by Just Kist) that wants to introduce South Korean culture and entertainment to a growing audience in the Netherlands and Belgium. They have done so for the past years by organizing Kpop events, more commonly known as the Strictly Kpop parties: a great coming together for all fans of Kpop music! With Silent Disco’s, Concert after parties and of course 7 editions of Strictly Kpop in their past, this year they moved to a bigger venue for this 8th edition.

19:00: DJ Taemo
19:30 – 20:15: Dance performances K-Rush, Bl4ckW7ve, Chickensquad, Ronnie Icon and NRG
20:15 – 21:00: Dance/Singing Competitions
21:00 – 22:00: DJ Taemo
22:00 – 23:00: DJ Kim Young real – Khiphop
23:00 – 00:30: DJ Vinsanity – Classics
00:30 – 01:00: DJ Taemo

Strictly kpop editie 8 (1)

We got to see Chubi again and Chana couldn’t stop herself from buying a shirt from them. Chubi has the most fun clothing around, combining asian styles while it’s being made in The Netherlands.

HeyHallyu had a stand where you could buy your favorite Kpop albums and they would keep them aside for you to pick them up at the end of the party. We haven’t tried buying from them yet but we’ve heard a lot of positivity surrounding them so maybe give them a shot!

Strictly kpop editie 8 (3)

For beauty there were two beauty shops. Noonawon and HaruHarubeauty both providing the latest skincare and make up from Korea. Sheetmasks a plenty with them!
Shopchokers was also present and their shop seemed busy constantly so I pretty much just passed by it trying to avoid the people looming over their stand. Icutie, a lens shop had a small selection of lenses with them that were for sale.

There was a shop for bubble tea and other sweet tooth foods and drinks as well, they were Infinitea.

Strictly kpop editie 8 (2)

Our Opinion
As true kpop fans we have enjoyed our night out and meeting other kpoppies at the venue. Even though it was very hot that day, it didn’t stop anyone from dancing. The organisation had provided it’s guests with free ice cream to stay cool, yay! We loved the distribution of a dance floor and a mini-market in two different places: there was plenty of stuff to see or do and we did do a lot of things, we hadn’t stopped walking around since we came in.

The DJ’s had a fair mix of old and new style kpop, as well as some khiphop, however we felt like along with the songs that the dance groups and the contestants we’re doing there was some repetitivity in the songs being played.
We weren’t able to see Ronnie Icon since we we’re walking around and forgot the time, but we fell into it half way or later and we have to say the music was fun while we bobbed around while eating some delicious BAPBOSS Chicken and Japchae.

There was fair a bit of skill/interest difference between the dance groups. They’re all good, and especially way better than I could even dance but I’d like to say ChickenSquad and Bl4ckW7ve ruled the night with their skills. It was great to watch their dedication.
However I feel that with the dance compo’s and shows we heard a lot of Momoland, NCT, BlackPink and BTS, which wouldn’t be too bad if it hadn’t been the same song. (Mayo: My secret opinion is; have the groups talk before hand and put their songs next to each other so they can all show their own skill with a different song.)

Some more words
We hope future Strictly Kpop editions will shorten their dance and singing competitions in the programme: It filled almost the entire evening and we would love to dance some more ourselves too!

What are your thoughts on Strictly Kpop? If you visited last or any edition in the past, please leave your comments below to show your love and wishes to Somaek. They appreciate the audience’s feedback in order to give you the best Kpop experience every time.

Credit: All pictures belong to Strictly KPOP and we do not claim ownership of them.

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