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Restaurant Review: Mr Chow – Schiedam x2

Mr Chow in Schiedam was opened in May, it’s an Asian street food restaurant located right behind Schiedam train station and right below the Euroscoop movie theater. I went there to try their food (and catch a movie) on my day off since they have a movie special. Their movie special means “A three course dinner and a movie of choice”, However… I lost all my pictures from my phone and I felt bad for just posting about this place without any pictures of their food and shop… so I had to go again.. but this time I took 2 more people than before and we went Glow golfing in advance for the same price as movie and food!

Mr Chow promotes booking a time in advance so we did through their website but when we got there it wasn’t as busy because it was a weekday and a little bit earlier. So either risk it or reserve a spot. But if you’d rather golf, you have to call to book with the glow golfing place. It’s really up to you, the thing that really caught my eye when we got there was the complex, it’s large with a huge park and ride parking lot (which is free right now) and the movie theater, some more restaurants and of course the midget golf course. With the theater located in the very top of the complex and Mr. Chow on the ground floor. Mr Chow has an outside patio on which you can sit and the sun (if there is any, don’t forget this is The Netherlands). We were greeted warmly by the staff and shown to our seats. I’ll write about the second time from now on, We showed our tickets and we ordered our drinks, 3 beers and I love their ‘Did you die?’ Cocktail.

Restaurant: Mr. Chow Schiedam
Address: Noorderweg 24, 3119 XX, Schiedam(The Netherlands)
During: May and July 2018
Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior: ★★★★★
Staff: ★★★★★
Food: ★★★★★
Price: ★★★

The Restaurant
The restaurant itself is decorated nicely/neat. It’s huge and it kind of has an old warehouse feel with Asian accents here and there and a huge mural like Seoul Sista has.
I especially liked the small seating corner they created. The staff is incredibly nice and came to ask us a couple of times how the food was and if we we’re okay, explaining their concept and asking if we wanted refills for our drinks. While we were sitting outside one of the owners came to chat with us a couple of times and joking around. (we got a refill after one of us dropped a glass of beer)

The Concept
The concept is simple, ordered whatever you want from the menu, some appetizers you can share or as we did the movie/glowgolf special they simply asked us if we had any allergies or if we couldn’t eat a certain dish, but we’re good so we let them decide.

I would absolutely go here again, I’m actually planning to go as soon as I can (and we did). It’s close by my house and the staff and food are great, I’ve already told a bunch of people go to here. So if you’re reading this.. Go to Mr Chow!

Food ★★★★★
We paid €26,50 a person for a three course and movie/glowgolf deal and we were actually not expecting much of it. Well let me tell you Mr Chow is serious about their deals. The food was absolutely delicious. They started with their mix platter (gyoza, chicken/lamb skewers, spring rolls and chicken pops), followed by cooked rice, sizzling salmon, Garlic Pak soi and chicken legs. The second time we went our set up was a little different. Garlic Pak Soi, chicken legs, rice, udon noodle mix, fried octopus and shrimp curry.

Every dish was absolutely delicious with lots of vegetables and we we’re a bit upset we couldn’t even finish it as it was so good but they let you take it as a doggybag!
It was followed by dessert…. Coconut ice cream (served in the coconut) and a Crème brûlée donut with vanilla ice cream. the second time they gave us Crème brûlée donut and green tea cheese cake! Jeez let me tell you about these, the donut brûlée was AWESOME, soft dough with the hard sugar on top and the coconut ice cream was so refreshing.

Vegetarian-friendly ★★☆☆☆
They only really have three vegetarian varieties, veggie spring roll and veggie gyoza and a vegetarian pokebowl.

Drinks ★★★★☆
Drinks galore, but for a price. I had the ‘Did you die?” cocktail. It was Ginger beer, Vodka, Chili and coriander. (and lots of ice) for €9,50. Which is a bit higher than normally but i absolutely loved the burn of it. I’m a sucker for anything spicy so this was perfect for me. However my dad had an alcohol free home made ice tea. Mint, Marigold, Roses and Bamboo leaf for €4,25. Which is much less in price but much more in quantity and the taste is awesome and we totally recommend trying both drinks.

Accessibility ★★★★★
As there’s a large parking right under the theater it’s easy to get there by car and park since the parking so far was still free. As it’s right behind Schiedam station I think you can also just walk there with ease though we haven’t tried. Of course there are elevators all the way up and I think all the way down so it’s easy for people with wheelchairs or buggies. Mr Chow is located on the bottom floor and their entire restaurant is accessible with buggy and wheelchair as well.

Price ★★★★☆
I wouldn’t necessarily say Mr Chow is expensive, but it’s not super cheap either. The drinks are the most expensive to be fair. it’s decently priced for great food. Especially with the movie/glowgolf deal because for the 26,50 you get 3 courses and any movie/glowgolf session you wish playing in Euroscoop.

Source:, all photo’s by Saetorimedia

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