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Review: Wish

Everyone seems to know this website/app by now, we all use it a lot too it seems if you check out YouTube. Located in the USA but all or most products coming from China you can buy a lot of items cheap and I’ve been ordering quite frequently. I’m talking about 

Wish was founded in 2010 by Peter Szulczweski and Danny Zhang who used to work for Google and Yahoo, it started out as a wishlist creating app. This app let users view the items they liked on different websites and wish app earned revenue by pay-per-click. After asking merchants to host their products on the wish app in 2013, with wish taking a portion of each sale. It took little to no time for Wish to grow out to a large scale and have Amazon and Alibaba group approached Wish with offers to buy the company in 2015.

In 2017 they signed a partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers and sponsored the high profile boxing match between Mayweather vs McGregor and in 2018 Wish fused with multichannel e-commerce platform Expandly.

But you must think, you’re talking about an American company on an Asia site… this is weird? This is true it is weird. However most of the items you buy of Wish come from China. If you check YouTube there’s a million and one reviews about it but here’s mine.

I don’t often buy from Wish, though recently it has been a bit more frequent because I bought some items that really pleased me.

wish page

I bought the Tuna shirt because it looked really cute but misjudged how short it would be on my larger chest, but I gave it to my mom and she wears it a lot.
The two other shirts are from the same seller and let me tell you, the fabric is amazing. It’s thick and the quality of the print and embroidery are amazing.

In total this, and a multiple pairs of socks cost only around €20,-, I have yet to wear the shirts because they’re so thick that I feel they’d be too warm in this summer heat, but when I do check out my Instagram because I’m going to post them!

Right now I have a couple more orders coming in, one being a summer-y dress and I’m excited even if they might be too short.

How does it work?
There’s two ways to order from Wish, one being through their website or through their phone app.
Wish on Play Store
Wish on App Store

The general price range is between €1 and €15 euro for general products like clothes and accessories. You can buy almost everything though, from photography to beauty and home decor. Even sex toys, however I feel like I’d never give the last a try because you never know the source of these items. Same goes with some of the beauty supplies they carry or even underwear.
Be sure to always read the reviews and check their sizing guides, they help a lot when you’re trying to decide if that’s the right product. Many different vendors sell the same item so don’t be misleaded by the price either.

Paying can be done with your credit card and in The Netherlands you can use iDEAL, often you can pick items when buying them together with another person (they show it in the bottom of the app while you’re shopping). Usually shipping is free but make sure to check it twice if it is.

So far I myself haven’t really bought a cat in the bag but there’s a couple on youtube you could check out.

Tell me

But what about you? Do you shop on Wish? Or which other website do you use?


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