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Restaurant Review: Kimchi House – Den Haag with +20 years KPOP fans

Due to the amount of younger (<20 years) KPOP fans, sometimes 20+ year old kpop fans struggle to connect and meet people around their age, who are going through the same things. Nikita felt like this isn’t the best way to enjoy your favorite music and country so she organizes Korean BBQ nights for 20+ only! Last time Chana went and this time it was my turn to go. We went to Kimchi House in Den Haag!


I’ve been to this restaurant before so I kind of knew what to expect but I havent written a review about it just yet, this is a great opportunity to mash a small event and a restaurant review.

Restaurant: Kimchi House
Address: Rabbijn Maarsenplein 22, 2512 HJ Den Haag (The Netherlands)
During: August 2018
Rating (out of 5 stars)
Interior: ★★★☆☆
Staff: ★★☆☆☆
Food: ★★★★☆
Price: ★★★
The Restaurant
This restaurant is located on a small square along with a couple of other restaurants but it’s the only one with indoor seating due to the grills being inside. Coming up to the place you’re slightly turned off, their windows are broken and it looks extremely dark inside. But as soon as you get in it’s totally fine, with the size of the windows it’s just as light as you’d expect. The look of the place is a little dated and hasn’t changed in the last five years of coming there. The seating places are small but they due just right.As we were with a group of 14 people they had pushed 3 tables together and we could all sit in a row, it does keep you away from mingling a bit more than the 3 people sitting around you but hey, you’re too busy grilling and eating anyway.
The Concept
It’s an all you can eat BBQ, there’s a lot of meats, fish and a couple of vegetables to order and then you have so pre-made foods like Chicken, Salmon and Mandu, Noodle and Bibimbap.  You pay €29,50 for a deluxe menu which means all the food you can order and soft drinks for 2 hours. Don’t order too much though, anything left over you have to pay for. the price depends on the sort of dish and the amount of it.
Usually it’s 3 dishes a person in one round, which is good because you also have to remember the lack of space on your table.
I like going here, though the people who own it are always a little on edge and easy to ‘snap’ at you, the staff is messy. Especially with large tables like ours orders got mixed up even though the table numbers are on the notepads. It’s also annoying since you usually don’t fully remember what you ordered so people tend to stare at you blankly for a minute trying to remember what they ordered if you ask them if it’s theirs.
However when you’re about to leave they’re always extremely friendly and they trust you well enough to let you go outside for a smoke and come back to eat.

Food: ★★★★☆
Korean food is always good, It’s spicy when it needs to be and because you grill it yourself.. if you burn it that’s your own fault. Lettuce is unlimited! If the dish is supposed to be spicy, it will be spicy. I have nothing really to say about this.

Vegetarian-friendly ★☆☆☆☆
No, Kimchi house is NOT vegetarian friendly. The veggies you can order is just sweet potato (?), an onion, a carrot and some mushrooms. However you can order a bibimbap and ask them for no meat or fish, so I guess that’s okay. Anything else is filled with meat of fish. Which is normal in a BBQ place I guess…. but it could be better in this day or age.
Drinks ★★★★☆

All the soft drinks, all included in the price. All alcoholic drink you have to pay for. usually it’s around a euro or maybe a little bit more.

Accessibility ★★★☆☆
Kimchi house is ground level, however the size of the place is limited and I’m not fully sure how far you’d get with a wheelchair.

Price ★★★★☆
The price for the amount of food you can eat is good, € 30 euro and for two hours eat till you burst… if that’s healthy who knows, so keep the bursting to a limit I guess????

kimchi house4
The group
As said before I was there with a group (14 people) of 20+ KPOP fans and with the (5) people close to me I got to have a good chat, about work, schools, social life and of course KPOP. However the only downside I think was the fact that the group of friends that came together sat together even though we had ‘arranged’ seating. it seemed a little of to me but then again, I had to leave earlier because I had somewhere else to go as well. Next time if it’s close I’d like to go again and maybe get the chance to meet some of the other people.


I like the concept of it because with my 30 years old I barely fit in with many of the KPOP fans and this really gave me a chance to talk to people who are closer to my age. Though I’m sure I was still one of the oldest ones and I really home Nikita will continue organizing these get-togethers every once in a while.

credit: All photo’s besides the menu’s by Saetorimedia

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