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Girls and metal, it’s one of the greatest combinations nowadays and very popular in the East but also the West. After BABYMETAL and Scandal these are the newest Japanese girls to look out for in November and here is why!

Who are they?
LOVEBITES is formed in 2016 in Tokyo by two former members of Destrose, their first concert was at November 16, 2016. All girls grew up with Western metal and that’s also where their band name and music got its inspiration from. Their band name got its inspiration from “Love Bites (So Do I)” by Halestorm. They don’t have lack of experience since they all played in former bands and you can really hear that in just the few releases they produced!

The Members
Vocal: Asami
Rhythm guitar, keyboard, backing vocals: Miyako
Lead guitar, backing vocals: Midori
Bass, backing vocals, bandleader: Miho
Drums: Haruna

Musical Style
Power metal, speed metal, heavy metal, is there something these girls can’t do? In their music there is so much to find for a metal fan: heavy riffs, strong drums, powerful vocals, these girls really know what they are doing. As mentioned earlier they got their inspiration from Western metal and especially by the new wave of British heavy metal. Their music can be compared with bands like Iron Maiden, Rage and Helloween. The girls write all their songs in English although they don’t speak it fluently, but it’s awesome they still try and do it!

Studio albums
Awakening from Abyss (released on October 27, 2017)

The Lovebites EP (released on May 24, 2017)
Battle Against Damnation (released on June 6, 2018)

– LOVEBITES is the first All-Female Japanese band that played at a German festival, they played at Wacken Open Air on August 4, 2018.
– They have a fanclub named LOVEBITES INC.
– The band is the Best New Band in the 2018 Golden Gods Awards


Wanna see them live?
Those rocking heavy metal girls will travel through Europe & the UK this November and there are only a few dates in very intimate venues. They will visit Germany, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. So be quick with deciding before those few shows sell out!

For our Dutch readers, the band will play at Patronaat in Haarlem on November 13th 2018. This will be the one and only show in the Netherlands and tickets are only €14,70!
Buy your tickets here

Official Website
Facebook page

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