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On September 15th, Music Bank took place for the 13th time and this time they decided to hold it in Berlin. Music Bank is an ongoing world tour and only had one stop in Europe before (Paris 2012) So it wasn’t a surprise that seat tickets sold out the same day. It seems that 2018 is a hot year for Kpop, with big acts such as G-dragon and BTS announcing concerts in Europe. Music Bank definitely adds up to that, with guests like Wanna One and EXO.

They started to form lines around 16:30, the venue had set rules and organized a number system (for the standing area) which seemed to work alright. During the day, people were handing out banners for fanprojects, people were dancing or chilling in front of the venue. The overall atmosphere felt really good! Even the entrance seemed to go pretty smooth. Inside the venue I was surprised that, despite being in the back, I still had a very good view. They were showing different MV’s from the artists on the screens, with occasional screaming and fanchants, this promised to be a very good night.

Around 19:30 the lights went out and they introduced Music Bank and the hosts; Park Bo Gum and ex-I.O.I member Somi. They also had a German host and later, Daniel Lindemann would join the show too. They announced all the acts, who made their way onto the stage and after a short talk they all went to the front of the stage to greet the fans. The lineup for tonight was

  • Stray Kids (JYP entertainment)
  • (G)-idle (CUBE entertainment)
  • Wanna One (CJ E&M)
  • Taemin (SM entertainment)
  • EXO (SM entertainment

Stray Kids kicked off with a very powerful performance, with their 3 most populair songs; ‘Hellavator’, ‘District 9’ and ‘My Pace’. They definitely set the mood for the rest of the evening. It was also Felix’ birthday, so they prepared a birthday song just for him. He was obviously touched, as he ended up shedding a few tears.



After Stray Kids, (G)-idle was up for their performance. They started off with their debut song, ‘Latata’ and after a short introduction, they continued with ‘Maze’ and ‘Hann’. You wouldn’t be able to tell that these girls have only debuted earlier this year!

The MC’s had a short talk about the relation between Korea and Germany, which was followed by a beautiful performance from Park Chanyeol (EXO). He played the song ‘Wind of Change’ by the Scorpions, while playing the guitar. In the background, they showed footage of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. It was definitely a very emotional and meaningful stage and it wasn’t a surprise he got a very loud applause and fans chanting his name as it ended.


It was time for a little break, so they did a quiz with the audience where you could vote TRUE or FALSE, as they asked questions about the performing artists. It was a nice break, before the next artists would perform; WANNA ONE

They kicked off with their song ‘Boomerang’ and fans screamed their lungs out when the boys came on stage. Followed by ‘Energetic’, ‘Light’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Burn it up’, the band showed amazing choreography and vocal talent!

The next break featured Stray Kids doing a cover of ‘Happy Song’ by Boney M. A song that was, according to the MC’s, a hit in both Germany and Korea. The next song featured Daniel on the piano and the members of (G)-idle performing ‘Sunny’, also by Boney M.

Taemin was the next performer, who started off with Move and followed by ‘Press your number’. In the short ment after these songs, there was a small surprise from SHINee’s vocalist, as he introduced two other members; Minho and Key, who were sad they couldn’t be there as a group. But the biggest surprise was when they joined Taemin with the song “I want you”. The last two songs were ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Danger’, loudly sang along by the fans. Hopefully after this performance, SHINee will come to Europe one day!



In the next break, the MC’s introduced ‘Random Play Dance’, which has been very popular in the Kpop community and the fans definitely showed that! They played short bits of songs such as Bboom Bboom, Likey, Fire. It was amazing to see the whole crowd get up and dance!
There was a surprise message from BTS, who couldn’t be there (but have an upcoming tour in Europe!) where they introduced ‘Kpop AUTOBAHN’. Members of Stray Kids did a cover of BTS’ DNA and Got7’s Hard Carry. Even MC Somi joined in with a cover of Gashina (Sunmi) and Rollercoaster (Chung Ha) and the boys from Wanna One ended with their cover of BANG BANG BANG (BigBang) and Pick Me (Produce 101)

It was time for the last act, and there was only one band left to perform. EXO! It seemed that a lot of EXO-L came today, because the cheering reached it’s loudest point of the evening.

EXO started off with ‘The Eve’, followed by ‘Kokobop’ from their last album. They had a short ment where they talked about how honoured and happy they were to be at Music Bank and continued with ‘Boomerang’ and ‘What u do’. For their second ment, EXO members had prepared something special for the fans, which was called ‘EXO FOR YOU’. Baekhyun sang a piece of ‘Young’ and fans had the opportunity to take a picture during ‘photo time’. Fans also sang happy birthday to Chen, as his birthday was coming up. They ended their set with ‘Power’.

By now, it was time to say goodbye and all the bands and MC’s made their way onto the stage. They wrapped up with a song, which is considered one of the biggest Kpop hits; PSY’s Gangnam Style. It seemed like all of them had a lot of fun being on the same stage, singing and dancing along and greeting fans as this was the last stage. Everything comes to an end and so did Music Bank. It was definitely a memorable night with amazing acts and great entertainment overall. Let’s hope the bands and Music Bank will return for another concert!

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